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Party planners help coordinate children’s birthday parties, teen parties, corporate events, bachelorette parties, weddings, graduations, holiday events and much more. Professionals can help with themed parties or not, and they can plan for intimate affairs of under 25 people or large-scale productions with over 200 guests. Several factors affect the cost of hiring a party planner.

Hourly rate

Many party planning companies offer consulting services and small-scale party planning services on an hourly basis. This option is ideal for the DIY host who needs only a few final details sorted. A’Reve Event Production in Danville, California, charges $125 per hour for party planning consultation.

Percentages and location

Some party planners bill for their services based on a percentage of the total party budget. So as overall vendor costs go up, the cost for a party planner also goes up. Geographic location can also affect the cost of party planning because different regions have different prices for the same types of services. According to A’Reve Event Production, a BBQ service in Napa Valley, California, almost definitely costs more than a BBQ service in a small town in Iowa.

Complexity of party

The more elaborate the affair, the higher the cost for party planning services. When parties have a higher level of intricacy, party planners must supervise more vendors, including overseeing their contracts, schedules and day-of execution; clock more coordination hours, including communication with clients, delivering on timelines and navigating decor; and fine-tune more details overall. Finding a venue also adds another layer of complexity to party planning. Here are examples of three hypothetical parties and their related costs from A’Reve Event Production:

  • Princess-themed, high-end children’s party: ~ $2,000–$2,500 total budget

    • 20 (child) guests with 1–2 outside vendors

    • $300 for food

    • $300–$500 for entertainment

    • $500–$800 for unique decor, personalized gifts and specialized elements

    • $900 party planner fee to coordinate vendors, decor and vision including 12–15 hours of work
  • Western-themed party: ~ $23,400–$24,400 total budget

    • 150 (adult) guests with 5–10 outside vendors

    • $1,200 porta potties

    • $2,200 two bartenders, rental glassware, mobile bar and alcohol

    • $4,000 catering (BBQ, pig on a spit, all the details)

    • $4,000–$4,500 live band (can cost from two to five times more than a DJ)

    • $4,500–$5,000 dance floor, lighting, generators

    • $7,500 party planner fee to coordinate vendors, decor and vision—approximately 120 hours of work, including day-of coordination
  • Mad Men–themed birthday party: ~ $20,000 total budget

    • 15 percent to 20 percent party planning fee to source custom decor for a private event at the Frank Lloyd Wright Estate

    • 45 hours spent by A’Reve Event Production to shop for and source furniture and decor to match the party and venue theme

    • 65 hours more spent planning the event and day-of coordination, including setup and teardown
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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.