How much does an event decorator cost?

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The average cost for an event decorator is $460. You are likely to spend between $205 and $1,025 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Professional event decorators offer services for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, children’s parties, corporate events, fundraisers and more. Services include design consultation, event decor rental, decor setup, decor breakdown and decor disposal. Professional decorators can help with intimate affairs for only a few guests or for large festivals with hundreds of attendees. Frequently requested furniture, supplies and decorations include chairs, tables, tablecloths and linens, tableware, centerpieces, room or ceiling draping, lighting, umbrellas, outdoor heaters, foam machines, fog machines, and more. Some professional decorators can also help secure a venue. Many factors affect the cost of professional event decoration.

Number of guests

The larger the event, the higher the cost for professional event decoration. Event decorators often provide table centerpieces, special lighting, backdrops, ornamental touches, party gifts and equipment rentals. The higher the guest count, more of these items will be needed, making costs higher. According to Parties and Events NW in Vancouver, Washington, the average cost for wedding decor is approximately $2,000, but any large-scale event will have similar decor costs.

Custom items

Items made especially for an event, such as themed centerpieces, cost more than using items that decorators already have or can easily rent. Custom items cost more because they require skilled labor to make. In addition, customers pay for the materials needed as well as the decorator’s time spent shopping for them. Specialty items have a one-time use, so decorators cannot defray the cost over time by reusing them, so customers must absorb those costs.

Sample events

Event decoration costs vary widely depending on how much labor and time is required by the decorators, and how many items are custom made. Here are some example prices from Parties and Events NW for specific events:

  • Bat mitzvah: $580

    • 45 hanging lanterns (delivery, setup, breakdown, removal): $375

    • 12 pieces of glassware for candy bar, actual candy not included (delivery, setup, breakdown, removal): $95

    • Custom-made glitter signs: $25

    • Labor for setup and breakdown of items not provided by event decoration company: $85
  • Sample wedding 1: $2,120

    • Approximately 305 guests

      • Sequin reception backdrop measuring 9x20 feet (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $775

      • 305 chair sashes (delivery, tying into bow on each chair, removal, cleaning): $442

      • Ceremony backdrop measuring 9x10 feet (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $400

      • 305 cloth napkins (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $305

      • 33 table runners (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $198

      • Requires a $1,060 (or 50 percent) deposit)
  • Sample wedding 2: $1,773

    • Intimate wedding with luxe details

      • Cake and candy buffet package, including custom cloth backdrop with floral accents measuring 7x8 feet, six pieces of glassware for candy, glass cake stand, handmade labels for candy (delivery, setup, breakdown, removal): $425

      • Draped ceremony archway (delivery, setup, breakdown, removal): $345

      • 45 hanging paper lanterns with LED lights (delivery, setup, breakdown, removal): $375

      • Labor for setup and breakdown of items not provided by event decoration company: $245

      • 20 table runners (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $190

      • 95 gold plate chargers @ $1.25 each (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $118.75

      • Two buffet tablecloths (delivery, setup, breakdown, removal): $60

      • Sashes for bride and groom seats (delivery, setup, breakdown, cleaning): $15

        • Requires an $886 deposit.

Decor consultation

Event decorators often charge an hourly rate for consultation. For DIY party planners in need of minimal guidance, this strategy is most cost-effective. Party hosts get professional guidance on decoration and lower costs by sourcing, creating, setting up, breaking down, and disposing of or returning all the party decorations themselves. Parties and Events NW charges $60 per hour for on-site design and decoration consultation.


Geographic location affects the cost of professional event decoration. Decoration supplies and rentals cost more in larger cities and more affluent areas such as California’s Napa Valley than in smaller towns or regions with a lower cost of living.

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Karen Sartori Florals Weddings & Events

Karen was professional friendly and flexible. We only hired her as our florist but she gave us great advice and references every time we met with her. She was so helpful, I don't think we would have figured everything out on our own without her. She even took a few photos for us during the ceremony. Karen was a bit expensive for my budget but totally worth it. I would highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you Karen!

Wedding Artistry

Joanne helped me with the decorations of my December wedding. I needed professional help in decorating a huge empty reception hall area. I knew that she would be a good fit for the job I was looking for, after reading her introduction pamphlet via Thumbtack. I know she offers a whole range of wedding-related services (from rentals to full wedding coordination), however the service I used was only decoration so my review will be speaking to that part. My review is that she (and her team) was amazingly creative and committed to the task, willing to go all the way to meet my requests and even beyond expectations. Our reception area turned out to be really really beautiful, I was very happy with how it looked, and a lot of people commented to me that the room looked very lovely and beautiful. 5 stars with no doubt! :) Speaking more in depth and about the process - we had a short time planning the wedding and had hired her only 3 months prior to our wedding. She was fast in terms of getting into the action. In total I think we met about 3-4 times in person (discussing, planning, trying things around), had many email/Pinterest communications in between as well. In terms of design, I think I had specific things I wanted particular for my wedding and I wanted to do some part of the decorations myself (wanted to do some DIY), so we had to work it out so that everything goes smoothly together. My theme was not simple (not just one-color theme), but after seeing my Pinterest pins and photos I sent her, I think she got a spot-on sense of what I was hoping for in my head. I liked and appreciated that she was very flexible, and was willing to hear me and match the style I was explaining to her. And she made it come true in an even more beautiful way than I imagined. We actually had a session in which she actually put together and showed a sample centerpiece to us - this was very helpful for me, to actually see the real version of what we had been discussing. In terms of communication, she and I used Pinterest a lot to discuss what style/design we were talking about, and this was helpful because it lets us talk in pictures (it is really hard to explain a design with just words). She was prompt and proactive in communicating with me. Plus, I also appreciated that she was willing to contact and speak directly with many other parties involved on behalf of me (e.g., the church personnel, the caterer), as I had been taxed in terms of my time and resources. She has much experience and she seems to know her way around. She and the team is also amazing in terms of how they make everything "work". We had the reception hall available to be decorated within less than 24 hours of the day, and she and her crew came and did everything to transform the place overnight. She also has a plenty of things that you need for a wedding (props, gadgets, anything) and she was able to let me rent it right away when I realized that I needed X and Y like 2 days before the wedding. If you ask her and chances are she may have it available for you to borrow. There are only a couple things that I thought could be improved. Although overall Joanne was very flexible and amenable to work with my budget, I do think in retrospect that it would have been nicer to have a discussion right at the beginning about the cost estimate (the breakdown and total, quotes of individual components) so that I would not have to worry further down about meeting the budget. Overall I am really happy and lucky to have worked with Joanne, who made everything beautiful for my wedding. She has amazing talent, passion, commitment to her work, and is willing to go all the way to work wonders!

Spectacular Events Galore

Spectacular Events Galore(Dionna) did event planning and event decoration(Princess-Cinderella theme) for my daughter's 1st Birthday. I would recommend Dionna in a heart beat. The event took place at Charlar Place in Holt, Mi with around 70 people. This was not an easy task to sat the least! Dionna took care of each and every thing for the event and was very detail in presenting her work. She was not the person who just comes on the event day to arrange things.She met us 4 times even before the event day to plan and arrange things for us. She welcomed all our inputs and suggested in very detail to make the event very successful. Her network around the town was amazing, which made us to order all our necessities through her with out going to another vendor. The cost of the services provided was so reasonable and the discounts with her vendors were not even comparable if we were in open market. She was there at the event all day, helping us to take care of our guests. She even served the cake for the guests and which was very sweet of her. No doubt that we had an excellent service from Dionna and the party would not be better with out Dionna. We enjoyed a lot. Thank you Dionna and Spectacular Events Galore for wonderful service.