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Dover Bed Bug Treatments

Browse these bed bug treatments with great ratings from Thumbtack customers in Dover.

Legionnaire Pest Control
from 111 reviews
  • 15 years in business
  • 303 hires on Thumbtack
Janet H.
Verified review

Extremely knowledgeable and got rid of the problem easily. I've been bed bug free for 8 months now.

Top Pro
A Star Pest Control
from 92 reviews
  • 5 years in business
  • 181 hires on Thumbtack
  • Top Pro on Thumbtack
Casey J.
Verified review

Our experience with the extermination services provided by Will White were extraordinary. We were devastated when we found bed bugs in our home and immediately went down the horrific experience of learning about these resilient creatures online. When we contacted Will he was reassuring and patient with us as he explained his processes, warranty, and knowledge about bed bugs. Will lightened the extreme stress that comes with managing bed bugs, not just in his services, but in his commitment to us as customers and in his calm, respectable demeanor. He came to our home within 2 days of the call and thoroughly treated our home. Prior to Will arriving we spent two days processing our home- in ways that Will mandated per warranty and in ways that we thought would be beneficial after doing some research. We placed every cloth article in our home (yes, everything- washcloths, clothes, towels, sheets, curtains, cat toys, pillows, shoes, anything with cloth) that we could into the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat and placed into new black contractor trash bags, sealed tight. We were very careful to keep organized so we knew what had been heat treated and what had not until everything was heat treated. Treated bags were placed in a pile in the middle of a basement room. We ordered bed bug proof mattress covers and box spring covers and pillow covers (kept in package until after extermination treatment). We vacuumed like our life depended on it. Bed bugs like to hide in cracks of wood and our entire house is hardwood, so we neurotically vacuumed every crevace, nook, molding, surface, etc. Then we vacuumed the couch leaving no square millimeter unturned. Literally. We got crazy neurotic with it and I am glad that we did because we found nests hidden in the seams of the cushions, complete with those super tiny sticky white eggs. We bagged up the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag outside and it remained sealed tight in the trash outside. It was a hot sunny couple of days so we placed our vacuumed couch pillows and anything that could not fit into the dryer, into sealed black contractor bags and placed in the car directly in the sun for around 2 hours. We placed heat thermometers in the car, which read 130F after about an hour. Per Cornell University website, the eggs can die after 20 minutes at 115F, so we went overboard in an effort to be entirely sure. We wiped down every window and blank surface with clorox wipes. We essentially had a near empty home, it felt like we were moving. This process takes every bit of two days, sun up to sun down, for a couple with no children in the house and two cats. Getting bed bugs puts you out. Period. Its beyond stressful and embarrassing. But then, after the painful prep process, Will came and treated our home. We were told to stay out of the house for 3 hours. We stayed out for 2 days, just to be sure. When we returned we sealed the beddings with the bed bug proof mattress covers and box spring covers and pillow covers. We didnt vacuum for a week but we sweeped the dust towards the perimeters of the floor and water mopped pathways for ourselves through the house. The house looked like it just had drywall work done- dust everywhere imaginable- drying up those terrible bed bugs. The dust will make you and your pets very very dry in your sinuses and on your skin for a few weeks. We had to replace the AC filter 8 times through the 2 weeks post treatment. About a month after the treatment we noticed an old bedframe in the basement that had bed bugs in it so we removed the frame from the home and called Will. He came out and re-treated right away. It has now been nearly two months since the treatment and we have not found any bed bugs in our home. If you have read anything about these bugs they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. You will not succeed in getting rid of them if you arent painstakingly methodical and detailed about prepping your home before extermination. I credit our diligence in prep and the wonderful work of Will White to the success of the extermination. Getting bed bugs is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. Working with Will made that experience less stressful. I would recommend him to anyone. He is confident without being cocky and has a welcoming personable manner, in addition to an extermination process that works. He never made me feel like a pain when I texted him with multiple questions through the process. He answered my every concern with respect and compassion. It truly was a pleasure working with him.

from 18 reviews
  • 13 years in business
  • 35 hires on Thumbtack
Diane T.
Verified review

The guys were great! Very through and I think we may have solved the bed bug problem.

Evict Pest Solutions LLC.
from 2 reviews
  • 3 years in business
  • 1 hire on Thumbtack
Carol T.
Verified review

Evict Pest Solutions did a two-part treatment to rid our yard of grubs last year. The sprayed our yard adjacent to the woods and around our shrubs. They also found the source of ants coming into our kitchen, advised us to keep the area cleared of leaves and provided two types of treatment which kept us any free ever since. We are planning to have them come within the next week or two to repeat all of these treatments and add monthly mosquito misting to services they provide for us. We have been extremedy happy with the results.

Extreme Heat Pest Control
from 2 reviews
  • 8 years in business
Marcy K.
Verified review

Using heat treatment for Bed Bugs worked out a lot better than chemicals- didn't need to remove any items from the house. They were reasonably priced and fast.

Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How do you get bed bugs and how do you get rid of them?

The increase in bed bug infestations in the U.S. is a result of increased travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices, explains the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s easy to mistake bed bugs for carpet beetles or similar-looking bugs, so infestations are often not noticed when they first occur. Prevention tips include keeping areas free of clutter, regularly washing sheets and mattress covers in hot water (and don’t forget to wash the laundry bag, too), and vacuuming regularly and safely disposing of the sealed vacuum bag. Not everyone has reactions to bed bug bites, which also may be mistaken for the bites of other pests such as mosquitoes, so timely bed bug extermination depends on identification of bed bug activity. If you notice physical signs of an infestation, contact a bed bug extermination professional as soon as possible to learn about chemical and non-chemical (such as heat) treatment options. An integrated pest management plan may incorporate one or more methods.

How do you check for bed bugs?

If you are concerned you have a bed bug infestation, look for physical signs of their presence. Bed bugs love to hide in small, dark spaces and typically come out to feed (generally on human blood) after dark — although they will come out in daylight if hungry enough. The Environmental Protection Agency states that indications of an infestation can include seeing shed exoskeletons of bed bugs, rusty spots on your bedding (which are either bug droppings or bloodstains), live bed bugs, bed bug egg casings, a sweet and musty odor (if the infestation is severe), and evidence of bites on your skin.

To spot bed bugs, look in and along mattress seams and bedding, in curtain and furniture folds, inside cracks or crevices in the walls, behind picture frames and mirrors, under loose wallpaper seams, on recently used luggage or backpacks, inside electronics, and inside clothing or cluttered areas such as closets. If you see signs of bed bugs, be careful not to disturb them too much as you don’t want them scattering to other parts of your house.

How long does a bed bug treatment last?

Bed bug extermination can last forever as long as the treatment killed all the bed bugs (and their eggs) and if new bed bugs are not transported into the location. Factors that can affect the outcome are how severe the infestation is and whether all bed bug sources were properly identified and treated. When working with a pest control professional, the EPA recommends you check and call references; ask if they offer both chemical and non-chemical treatment options, if they recommend both encasements and interceptors, and if they offer two or more service visits and follow-up. Bed bugs are tiny (adults are roughly the size of an apple seed) and can hide anywhere a credit card can slide into. They squeeze into cracks in walls, behind electrical outlet sockets, in bedding, and in other dark places. Learn how to prepare your home for a bed bug treatment for the best outcomes. Michigan State University shares some examples of possible reasons that a bed bug extermination is not 100 percent effective:

  • Not all sources (aka hiding places) of the bed bugs were identified during initial inspection.
  • Not all sources of bed bugs were treated.
  • The insecticides used were not effective or, in the case of heat treatment, there was insufficient contact time.
  • Infested items such as bedding or other materials were reintroduced into a cleaned area.

How much does it cost to kill bed bugs?

The cost of bed bug extermination depends primarily on how widespread the pest infestation is and how many rooms need to be treated. Other factors that can affect bed bug extermination costs are the amount of clutter in the location, additional furniture that needs to be treated, and construction of the home. Pest management professionals often have rates for room treatments, which can vary based on these factors. As an example, a pest management company treating a 10-by-15-foot room with light infestation might charge clients about $250, while the same size room with a heavy infestation and large amounts of clutter might cost the clients $300-$400. Clutter and heavier bed bug populations mean more product and longer labor time for the workers. Rates will vary from company to company, and from region to region, but the national average bed bug extermination cost is $320-$400. Bed bug heat treatments are an alternative way to exterminate these pests. Heat treatments are typically charged per square foot and tend to cost more than chemical or non-chemical spray solutions. Although effective, they are not usually recommended for occupied spaces, as the extreme temperatures can damage televisions, window dressings and other home furnishings.

What is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs?

The EPA recommends integrated pest management as the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Integrated pest management (IPM) can be carried out by a pest management professional safely and swiftly. The professional will assess the level of infestation in your home or building. The pro will determine the sources of the bed bugs: whether they are hiding in one location, are occupying multiple locations in one room, or have set up camp in multiple locations throughout the house. Based on the severity of the infestation, IPM can include thoroughly cleaning the area using containment protocols (safely packing infested bedding and other items into plastic to be disinfected), the appropriate pesticide treatment, and the necessary follow-up to eliminate any new hatching eggs. The EPA recommends chemical treatments (when safely applied) because “although bed bugs may sometimes be controlled by non-chemical means alone, this approach is often very difficult, potentially less effective, and usually more resource intensive.” Use caution if you attempt to use pesticides yourself. Carefully follow directions and know that some bed bugs have developed resistance to pesticides. Pesticides that are licensed only for use by professionals are known to be stronger and should be applied with the proper tools and techniques.

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