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Delray Beach, FL

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Marriage and Family Therapist (MT) – MT 3037

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About Delray Holistic Therapy

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How does your service stand out?

1. No dredging up your past. No endless psychoanalysis. No blaming. No discussion of past mistakes. No endless search for underlying issues. No use of psycho-babble like ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, Co-dependent, etc. Sticking a label on someone has never once helped that person -- but it has quite often made things worse.

2. Expect success in 2 to 5 weeks. Occasionally just one. Never longer. It's all about solutions; all about the future, not the past. It's about what works and what is likely to work, not about all the things that didn't work.

3. My work is not about the lengthy and expensive search for profound insights. Expect effective solutions that begin to work immediately after your first visit, and make problems disappear very quickly and indefinitely, whether or not you or I fully understand their root causes. Perhaps that sounds odd, but I'll prove it works. When a therapist identifies his or her goal as "discovering underlying issues," be suspicious. Ask specifically how that will make problems go away. Understanding the roots of a problem is sometimes interesting and occasionally possible -- but therapeutically it is a huge waste of your time and money.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

There is rarely any doubt about my efficacy in helping people to find life solutions. I am not 100% successful, but every case presents another opportunity for me to learn something important, and I grow steadily more effective, even after 37 years.


75 NE 5th Ave., L
Delray Beach, FL 33483

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  • 5/5 stars Marriage Counseling Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars Hypnotherapy Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars

    Everything is great!
    ****** and I reconciled after a 3 month separation. He is off pain meds, in physical therapy, out of pain, and a new person!
    Thank you Dr. David!!

    • R.G., Hollywood, FL

  • 5/5 stars Hypnotherapy Verified Review

    A very pleasant and productive experience.

  • 1/5 stars

    Dr. Ransen is the absolute least compassionate therapist we have ever seen. My husband and I went to discuss a family problem, yet after 1 1/2 hours, we were not even allowed to discuss our problem. Dr. Ransen told me to listen to my husband , that he knows best. He spent time telling us about his background, touting his supposedly extensive education and experience, and stating that if he couldn't help us no therapist in Florida could. We discovered his experience was mostly in research with corporations. We left not having resolved anything, in fact feeling worse. Save your money, because he charged us a surprising ambush of $350.00 for one session.

  • 5/5 stars

    Just wanted to touch base with you to say thank you for your help.
    As you may recall, I came to you with a nasty three and a half packs plus a day cigarette habit. Thats more than SEVENTY cigarettes a day.

    Your two step process of interview and the actual hypnotherapy session is though, complete and effective.

    How effective? Well, that's why I'm writing you.

    Today is my one year anniversary of being cigarette free. Now I'm the worst kind of smoker there is.... An EX SMOKER.

    I thank you, my wife thanks you and my dogs thank you.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. Please feel free to post, and pass this on to anyone who may benefit from your ministrations.

  • 5/5 stars

    I have had a problem with sweets for my whole life. I was binge eating, sneaking sweets and just having a terrible time. I felt helpless and found Dr. Ransen. I was reluctant but was at the end of my rope so I had hypnotherapy on January 30, 2014 and I have not had a sweet since. It has been almost 3 months now and I have no cravings or desires. I love it!! Dr. Ransen did a wonderful job and I tell everyone I know how great it has worked for me.

  • 5/5 stars

    I've never had an experience like I just did with Dr. Ransen. My husband and I have seen quite a number of marriage therapists over our 43 years together. This one initial session with Dr. Ransen helped us more as a couple, and me as an individual,than months and months of past sessions with other therapists.

  • 5/5 stars

    Outstanding results! The hypnotherapy was a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone looking for help with hard to kick habit.

  • 5/5 stars

    My husband and I went to see Dr. Ransen after not knowing for years what to do about the issues in our couple.
    We also were stuck with another psychologist who kept dragging her feet and basically did nothing to help us but take our money gladly year after year. Beware!
    We saw Dr. Ransen three times! And in these short sessions, he was able to pinpoint our problems, and basically showed us the way to resolve them.
    We liked his dynamic approach, as well as his honesty. I had yet to see a psychologist who turns off the clock when he is asking some background questions! It was a first!
    He also saw our daughter ONCE who was suffering from anxiety attacks. She used to wake up terrified that she would experience them during the day. It became so bad that she was afraid to lose her job.
    I have no clue what happened during the time they spent together but since then, she has gotten rid of these attacks, and when she feels that they are coming, she is able to manage them. It was a lifesaver for her.
    When I reviewed the comments of other patients Dr. Ransen had on his site, I was hopeful but suspicious as it is my nature. But I felt I had not other choice.
    And I am glad we did see him. It was a life changing experience. My husband and I since have found a way back to what we never were before. A new us, where harmony, love and care is now part of our daily life.
    After considering divorce for years, we are now looking forward to a great future together. Was it that simple? Yes!

  • 5/5 stars

    I had a really amazing experience with Dr. Ransen! I have been chewing tobacco for 14 years and after 1 session with Dr. Ransen my nicotine addiction is completely gone! I am a type A personality that had little faith in hypnotherapy but after a solid 2 hour session I no longer feel the need to chew tobacco. You absolutely have to be willing to quit and the first couple days were tough but I am at week two and completely over my nicotine addiction.

  • 5/5 stars

    I was very hesitant to go to "therapy" and was nearly forced to do so. It was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Ransen made me feel comfortable and my fiance and I were able to to speak freely and resolve some of our issues. He gave us an experiment to try which basically saved our relationship. We will continue to go see him whenever the need arises.

  • 5/5 stars

    Dr. Ransen is extremely helpful and treats in a way that gets positive results- fast! I have been through years of therapy in the past and spent thousands of dollars seeking answers and working towards relief. Dr. Ransen works like not other therapist - he seeks solutions to issues rather than dredging up painful memories which keep the pain alive. I am very happy to have his guidance and use the tools which he taught me so I can be happy and healthy daily basis.

Question and answer

Q. What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

A. I spend hours every week, reading a dozen authoritative journals in my field and related fields. I was trained at Cornell as a research scientist before I became a therapist, so this comes very naturally to me.

Reading about the most current research in therapy & counseling is the only way to remain up-to-date with recent advancements worldwide. Nowhere in the world are there developments newer than what I do now.

It is a rare day when I don't learn something very important from my clients.

I correspond with Master Therapists weekly, all over the world.

Finally, I take Continuing Education courses almost every year.

Q. Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

A. Although I can't afford to offer discounts to most people, I do have a guarantee that is almost unheard of. If, after the first hour, you declare that it was a total waste of time, then there will be no charge. Not one penny.

I know of no other therapists who offer such a guarantee.

I also help some desperate homeless families for free, every month.

Q. How did you get started doing this type of work?

A. Not an unusual story. It all began with just one brilliant and inspiring professor in college in 1969. Once hooked, the rest flowed naturally.

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. About two-thirds of my clients are couples who know that something has gone amiss in their relationships.

I also help many individuals, either with powerful solution focused therapy or with amazingly effective hypnotherapy. Ready to quit smoking? One hypnotherapy session is enough.

Regardless of method, the goal is always the same -- quick and enduring solutions.

Q. Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

A. Recently I was seeing a client who had very bad sleep apnea. So bad, that he was too exhausted during the daytime to leave his house, and was on disability. He had visited three national sleep labs, and endured four surgeries, all to no avail.

I cured him completely in just five weeks of therapy. Today he walks, shops, goes to movies and restaurants with his wife daily. Soon he will be able to go back to work if he chooses to. The boon to his self-esteem and to his marriage is impossible to describe.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. At least 90 percent of people who visit therapists are not mentally ill, do not need a cure, and have no need for drugs.

At Delray Holistic Therapy, we understand that you came for help in solving problems that happen in life. Problems need solutions, not dangerous & habit-forming drugs, and Delray Holistic Therapy is the place for solutions.

Therapy & counseling are not medical specialties. I don't look for illnesses, and I don't attempt to "cure" you. If problems that trouble you vanish quickly and permanently, then I have done my job well.

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. I don't diagnose. I don't ever use labels. I look for your strengths and natural gifts, not your deficiencies. I show you how to deploy those strengths to create solutions that are life-changing.

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