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While still a competitive youth sports league, i9 Sports takes everybody plays to a whole new level; every child is given the opportunity to play in any position they desire and every child receives equal playing time no matter what his/her ability. While most leagues award the MVP with recognition and a trophy, i9 Sports gives out a weekly award to the child who displays the best sportsmanship value. A new sportsmanship value is taught each week, including listening, respect, positive attitude, best effort and fair play. “We love the i9 Sports philosophy and believe that sports can really make a difference in kids’ lives, says Lisa White. Our older son had played in the i9 Flag Football leagues in past years and he and his teammates have had an unbelievable time playing in this league. It is so wonderful to see the kids enjoy each season, win or lose, they always have fun! “


Sarasota, FL 34233

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    Coverage Area for i9 Sports-Sarasota County is about 30+ miles of Sarasota, FL.