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My work stands out because I do an assessment, have a conversation with the client to get to know them more and to find out what are their goals. Then see what could have being the cause why their health is out of balance in the first place, get to the root of it. Talk about bringing the four important elements to good health or coming back to balance. These are mindset, food, rest and exercise. Without these one will never be in physical balance no matter how you look on the outside. There are thousands of people out there that are small in their body size and are no more healthier than a person who is overweight. I say all this to say I give attention and guidance to create results. The warm welcome I receive when my client walk through the door and seeing the feel good pleasure on their faces after the training session is over and when they say "great workout Fitz". There are some clients who come to me with scoliosis, joint and back pain and didn't know that I can help them but after a few sessions they have less pain, more mobility and the weaker part of their back starts to become stronger, that gives me butterflies just to make a difference, Lol.


Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      Years ago, I joined the gym to improve on my own health. I became a natural bodybuilder a few years later and people would approach me to train them how to do what I had achieved, (before gyms had personal trainers). This didn't come without some resistance on my part but they persisted. It naturally progressed from there and I went on to become certified and then later I realize training became my passion. When I see the results in my client's lives and the gratitude I receive from them it let me know I'm doing something right in this world. When people ask me what is my job I let them know I don't have a job I change peoples lives. I work with friends and I am a big brother to my clients.
    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      The most common thing I do for my clients are life changing. To break this down is to say I have realized over the years the public things they want to lose weight and so they hire a personal trainer to help them achieve this goal. But when I do an assessment on someone I find so many other things that are out of balance, like joint and back pains and that people have being living with pain and ache for long periods of time throughout their lives. With these findings things quickly shift from just weight lost to these other issues. It his very important for a trainer to do assessments on a new client because this is the best way for a trainer to get to know the quality of the body they are going to be working with.
    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      A customer should always ask for personal training certification(s), CPR certificate and trainer's insurance. Personal training can be dangerous and to insure the safety of clients all trainers need to have these documents. Don't judge a trainer by their outside appearance alone, ask questions and test his/her knowledge.
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