CK Home Improvement

About this pro

I really love doing the work that I do, and I love it because it's something I can take pride in and will do everything in my power to make sure the customer's happy with the result. I also charge much less than alot of other businesses because, as crazy as it sounds, I do want to help people just as much as I want to help myself so always give the most affordable prices possible. Seeing it all come together when the jobs finished. Knowing that I made it happen, and really look good, is a very rewarding feeling to me. Even more is seeing the customers face when they see that I stick to my word, that my low prices do not affect my quality of work whatsoever. So really its just knowing that everyone wins that I love about this work.


Columbus, GA 31907
Coverage Area for CK Home Improvement is about 40+ miles of Columbus, GA.