The busy mom’s survival guide.


Being a mom requires serious multitasking superpowers — who else can simultaneously handle a work call while fixing dinner while helping with homework while organizing the kitchen pantry while cleaning the oven while researching how to fix a leaky faucet?

Even still, there just aren’t enough hours in the day or days in a week to get it all done without losing your mind.

So maybe the secret is to stop trying to do it all yourself and put together your support team. Here are a few quick ideas to help you keep your sanity. 

#1: Schedule a massage.

You work hard. Every day. All year long. Putting a quarterly (or monthly or weekly) massage on the calendar is not a guilty pleasure — it’s a parenting priority. Because when you’re relaxed and ready to take on all the ups and downs that come with being a working or stay-at-home mom, the whole family benefits. All you need is the right massage therapist.

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#2: Let someone else cook.

Even the quickest and easiest of meals can be draining to pull off when you’re overworked and overtired. So give yourself a night (or two) off from the planning, prepping and preparing. Open a bottle of wine, put your feet up and turn your kitchen over to a personal chef who specializes in making family-friendly fare. 

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#3 Bring in a house cleaner. 

Unless you really, really love to clean as some kind of stress-reliever, hiring a house cleaner is a no-brainer. Imagine, you leave for work or to run errands or volunteer at school and the house is a mess. But you come home and everything’s clean — floors, windows, mirrors, tubs — with no scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping or dusting required by you. It’s almost magic.

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#4 Hire a Jack (or Jane) of all trades.

There are so many reasons to hire a handyman — maybe you need a room painted or a lighting fixture changed or to put your kid’s new dresser together. Yes, you could probably do all the things on your list yourself if you put your mind to it, but do you want to? Passing the tasks onto a pro frees up time to do other things — like get a massage (see above). 

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#5 Put together your IT department.

Family music sharing, parental controls, cross-device viewing, website blocking, social media monitoring — if just reading the words gives you anxiety, then it’s time to bring in a tech-savvy pro. From troubleshooting to training, a computer pro sets things up and streamlines your family’s digital world. 

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#6 Sweat it out on the regular.

True: it’s hard to work in time for working out.

Also true: if you don’t work out then your stress level goes up and all you want is chocolate and everything else becomes that much harder.

If the time it takes to get a gym is the reason you don’t exercise, then find a personal trainer or yoga instructor who can come to you and work with your schedule.

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#7 Consider a re-org. 

The clutter takes over before you know it — piles of shoes by the door, piles of toys everywhere, piles of paperwork in your home office, piles of clothes in the closets, piles of who knows what in the garage. A professional home organizer can help bring order to chaos by clearing out the stuff you don’t need and creating a system that will work for your family IRL.

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