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6 Appliances for a Pro Installer
  1. 1. Dishwasher

    The intricate nature of the plumbing and the fact that you can easily injure yourself with the electrical wiring of a dishwasher means this installation requires a pro.

  2. 2. Washer

    Although a washing machine seems like something you can just plug and use, the plumbing at the back requires some careful management.

  3. 3. Gas stove

    Whether your stove uses liquid propane or natural gas, it's extremely dangerous to attempt to hook up this appliance when there are flammable materials involved. Leave this job to an expert plumber or pipefitter.

  4. 4. Garbage disposal

    Installing a garbage disposal requires your sink to be dismantled. The appliance also requires electricity to run, and you may be violating local building codes if you attempt to do this yourself.

  5. 5. Trash compactor

    This can be a difficult job. You likely don't have electricity running to the space under your counter where you plan to install the compactor, so you'll require a skilled pro.

  6. 6. Water heater

    Many modern water heaters use propane or natural gas, and when they're being installed they require dry-fired pilot light priming. In addition, this appliance ties into your potable water system.

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