Your guide to attic fan repair

We've helped many customers repair an attic fan in the past year.

Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Hiring a Fan Repair Pro
  1. 1. Don't delay

    It is easy to put off the repair of a faulty ceiling fan during the colder months. However, it is a good idea to get it done before the onset of summer to avoid rushing to find a pro during the hottest months.

  2. 2. Search for experienced pros

    Narrow your search to those who operate close to your location. Decide on two to four contractors to contact.

  3. 3. Check references

    Ask for references from each pro and use them to inquire about work ethic, skill and personality. Some ceiling fan fixes involve light carpentry work, so investigate their backgrounds in this trade as well.

  4. 4. Gather important details

    Ask about guarantees and warranties that come with the repair services. Compare the deals that you were offered and select the pro to your liking.

  5. 5. Get a written agreement

    Schedule the repair at the most convenient time for the both of you. Have the professional come at a time when there is less traffic in the home to avoid distractions and interruptions.

Tips for success

Discover tips from our pros, helpful articles, and insider information.

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