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How much does fan installation cost?

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The average cost for a fan installer is $130. You are likely to spend between $75 and $230 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Ceiling fans help improve ventilation and keep rooms cool in homes and offices. Installation requires familiarity with electrical wiring. In bathrooms, exhaust fans help remove moisture from the air and prevent mold and other problems—especially in bathrooms without windows. Exhaust hoods over kitchen stoves remove cooking smoke and odors. These fans are typically installed by appliance installation contractors. The average cost nationwide for fan installation is $55–$175. Most contractors and handymen charge at least $100 to install a ceiling fan to cover travel time, labor and materials.

Ceiling fans

The cost to have a ceiling fan installed varies depending on the floor it’s going on (because that affects access to an electrical source), ceiling height (and whether it has a pitch or not), and whether there’s an electrical box already installed in the fan location or if the installer needs to rough in a box and hook up the fan. Electrician Westly Hart does a lot of ceiling fan installations and typically charges $100 for a straightforward installation job in which the box, wiring and switch connection already exist. If he has to rough in the box and connect it to a switch, the cost doubles.

Simon Electric’s prices for ceiling fan installation are similar and also depend primarily on ceiling height, with every two feet of ceiling height adding $25 to the total cost:

  • 8 ft: $125

  • 10 ft: $150

  • 12 ft: $175

  • 14 ft: $200

Simon Electric owner Raphael Simon says if a longer downrod is needed (as in the case of more dramatically pitched ceilings) the cost is higher—typically an additional $25 per fan. Marlin Electric owner David Scott charges $175–$200 to install a ceiling fan in a room with a standard ceiling height (under 15 feet). If customers need a fan installed in a ceiling higher than 15 feet, the charge is $250.

Bath exhaust

Most electrician’s charge about $100–$150 to replace a bathroom exhaust fan because the job usually takes only an hour or so. However, the cost can double if the electrician needs to add a power source and cut a vent into the ceiling—this job usually takes at least twice as long and requires additional materials. Simon Electric charges $150 to remove and replace an existing bathroom. If a customer needs a new fan where none existed, the price ranges from $225–$275. Marlin Electric charges $250–$300 to install a bathroom exhaust fan. This cost is higher because the company only installs fans made by Panasonic, which are more expensive than some basic fans. Owner Scott prefers them, however, because he’s found them to be the most quiet and durable. Scott also guarantees his work for two years.

Attic fan

Attic fans are more expensive to install than ceiling fans because the electrician or contractor has to get into the attic to install the fan. This job generally costs a minimum of $200, and the price increases when the contractor has to supply electricity to the fan switch.

Cost-saving strategies

Many service providers give discounts to customers who need multiple fans installed. Westly Hart says he might install five fans for $400 (instead of charging $100 each), for example.

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Great service. Fair price. Accommodating to my schedule.

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Stephen and his general contractor arrived when they promised, provided an additional electrical convenience switch at no cost and did an excellent fan and electrical install work. They cleaned up when the work was done and operated in a very professional manner. Could not ask for a better experience.

Davidson Renovations, Inc.

I had kind of an odd job that I needed to get done. Found Stephen on here, he quoted me right away for the labor, came out the day I called to check out the job and was able to get it done the next morning. He sent me an estimate of the original labor costs plus cost of materials beforehand. After he finished the job, he took pictures(he was in the attic) so that I could see everything he had done and emailed me a final receipt of payment. He did an excellent job, very friendly and professional. He explained everything he had to do and answered all my questions to a T. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a small or large renovation.