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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring an Attorney
  1. 1. Start researching

    Figure out which type of attorney you need for your situation. It is most helpful if your attorney specializes in the area of law that you require.

  2. 2. Shortlist your options

    Create a list of some attorneys with whom you would consider working. Write down their contact information and visit their websites and social media pages to learn more about them.

  3. 3. Dig deeper

    Review the background information of all of the attorneys you are considering. Find out which schools they attended, learn about their work history, and find out their specializations.

  4. 4. Look at the firm

    Take into consideration the size of the firm for which your potential attorneys work. The nature of your situation will determine the size of the firm that you may need to handle your case.

  5. 5. Meet and greet

    Make appointments with any potential attorneys for consultations. Some attorneys charge for initial consultations, so be aware of any charges you may incur before meeting.

  6. 6. Come prepared

    Write down questions for your initial consultation. Your questions should address the case, pricing, availability, success rate, and anything else that you feel is relevant to your case.

  7. 7. Plan your budget

    It's no secret that attorneys are expensive. Make sure you understand payment schedules and know whether you're paying hourly or on a contingency basis.

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