Your guide to cabinet refacing

We've helped many customers reface their cabinets in the past year.

Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Ways to Give Your Cabinets New Life
  1. 1. Decide whether to replace or reface

    If you already have a cabinet layout you love, and the cabinets' structure is still in good condition, then refacing is a much more cost-effective solution that still adds flair to your kitchen.

  2. 2. Find an up-to-date style that suits you

    Before having a professional reface any cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, first decide what you want. Check in magazines and online photos, or visit a cabinet shop, to get some ideas.

  3. 3. Add handles to love

    One of the easiest ways to give your cabinets a new twist is to change your handles and knobs. Sleek stainless steel, brass, or marble can have a huge impact on the room.

  4. 4. Update your countertop

    If you're tired of looking at the same laminate covering, try adding granite or marble. True, it might be costly, but it's less so than replacing all of your cabinets.

  5. 5. Try a new paint job

    Playing with color is a great way to renovate your cabinets. If you want an airy feel, try white or soft pastels. For a bold feel, red, turquoise, deep gray, black, and even purple are possibilities.

  6. 6. Say hello to new doors and drawers

    Between the cost of painting and that of replacing entire cabinets, there’s a third option. If you want a radically different cabinet style, switching out your doors and drawers can make it happen.

  7. 7. Be stylish but not trendy

    Always think ahead. What works today made look dated tomorrow. Pick a look that you feel comfortable with.

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