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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Installing a Dog Fence
  1. 1. Choose a fence

    Determine the type of fence that you need to contain your dog. Keep in mind that certain breeds actually climb fences, making wire or chain link fence styles ineffective at keeping the animal safe.

  2. 2. Stay legal

    Some privacy fences, specific heights, or styles of fences require permitting prior to construction. Obtain any permit before purchasing supplies and beginning the job.

  3. 3. Make a decision

    Choose the type of fence that suits your needs. Get a few estimates for installation from local fencing companies. Have the supplies on hand when the installer arrives.

  4. 4. Protect your pet

    Determine whether or not a portion of your fence should be buried in order to discourage the dog from digging under the fence. This step during installation can save plenty of repairs and heartache later.

  5. 5. Interview pros

    Check the references of your shortlisted companies. Make sure they are experienced with dog fences. Ask for a written estimate for costs to include materials, delivery, and labor.

  6. 6. Train your pup

    Make sure that the dog is properly trained when an electronic fence is chosen. The collar has to be on and the area properly marked for the animal to learn the boundaries.

  7. 7. Check the details

    Ask about warranties or guarantees regarding maintaining the fence. Many installation companies offer a guarantee that your dog cannot escape their fences.

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