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6 Reasons to Hire a Court Interpreter
  1. 1. Breaking language barriers

    Court interpreters sit with you throughout your court case and allow you to understand what is being spoken by the judge, witnesses, attorneys and jury members throughout the proceedings.

  2. 2. Security assistance

    Court interpreters provide assistance during security screenings when entering the courthouse. You are able to understand communication concerning courthouse security measures and directions.

  3. 3. Faster instructions

    Your court interpreter offers the clarification and understanding about what instructions are being spoken to you. Without the language barrier, you are able to prepare all necessary paperwork.

  4. 4. Phone assistance

    Court interpreters offer assistance when you are speaking to members of the county clerk’s office over the phone. Language barriers are much more complicated when communicating via telephone.

  5. 5. Courtroom ease

    When you must go through probate intake, your court interpreter goes with you and prevents you from saying anything that could jeopardize your case because of misunderstandings.

  6. 6. Ruling clarifications

    If you are asked to undergo drug or alcohol screenings, you can trust that your court interpreter will be there with you. These interpreters clarify the instructions for smoother interactions.

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