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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Reasons to Hire an Electrical Pro
  1. 1. Short wires

    When a homeowner tries to do his or her own wiring, there’s a good chance he might forget to measure one of the walls correctly and end up with too little wire for a safe connection.

  2. 2. Loose outlets

    When recessed junction boxes aren’t placed correctly, they lead to unstable outlets that move around easily. This is a fire hazard, and can also lead to wires coming free.

  3. 3. Not knowing electrical codes

    A big error many homeowners make is just winging it. Trusting your own judgment instead of building codes can get you into trouble, both legally and safety-wise.

  4. 4. Reversing wires

    Switching the wires connected to an electrical outlet might seem like a small mistake, but it has huge consequences. Accidentally getting electrocuted is one, and starting a big fire is another.

  5. 5. Not grounding outlets

    Failure to properly ground your connections is a likely way to fry your electronic devices and start a fire in the process.

  6. 6. Installing new light fixtures

    A professional knows how your home’s wiring is set up. He or she can tell you how many fixtures can be connected to your current breaker, as well as install any light switches.

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