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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Reasons to Hire a Pro for Fixtures
  1. 1. Expert experience levels

    A pro won’t begin any electrical job without first checking the wires in the junction box with a voltage detector. Some junction boxes have wiring from multiple circuits, so shocks are still possible.

  2. 2. Proper tools and supplies are on hand

    Some brackets that come with lighting fixtures may not be compatible with the junction box that you have and a pro will know how to choose the right one.

  3. 3. Plenty of background knowledge

    Many light fixtures cannot be installed with wiring from before 1985. If this is the case, choose only fixtures that are compatible with your older wiring to save you time and money.

  4. 4. Work is easier to accomplish

    Sometimes, mounting screws need to be shortened because they are too long for the junction box. Professionals will generally have bolt cutters on hand to cut the screws.

  5. 5. Safe connections

    Many times, the wires are too short in the box and will not reach the fixture wires. Professionals will know how to make this connection safely so that there are not any exposed wires.

  6. 6. Access to assistance

    Hire two professionals to install the new light fixture or make sure one brings along an assistant. It is easier to make the connections with two hands while someone holds the fixture.

  7. 7. Design help

    When hanging a chandelier, it is often difficult to determine the length that you should make the chain. Professionals know how to use the right tools to shorten the chains that are too long.

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