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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
8 Steps to Hiring a Floor Cleaner
  1. 1. Hire a service

    Housekeeping and floor cleaning go hand in hand. Check for references and read reviews to get started in the search for a professional to clean your floors.

  2. 2. Seek out specialists

    Hardwood floors that require stripping and refinishing often take a specialist to complete the job. Explore companies that complete the services that you require.

  3. 3. Check for licensing and insurance

    A good service professional carries a valid business license and liability insurance. You do not want an individual or a team working in your home if they do not carry liability insurance.

  4. 4. Stay eco-friendly

    Find out which products the company uses for carpet or floor cleaning. If you know that a chemical or odors will bother you or your family, steer clear of a company that is not flexible about using alternative products.

  5. 5. Get cost estimates

    If the carpet area has heavy furniture, find out if the furniture is removed and replaced by the professional. If your hardwood flooring requires any restoration, make sure that repair is included in the cost estimate.

  6. 6. Interview first

    You need to ensure that he or she understands your requirements. Do you want to be able to see your reflection in those kitchen tiles? Make sure the professional knows polishing is on your agenda.

  7. 7. Prepare for cleaning

    Get your home ready for the arrival of the cleaning service. Put away valuable items. Even if you completely trust the professional, it is better to remove articles that could be damaged or stolen.

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