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7 Signs You Need Foundation Repair
  1. 1. Horizontal fractured walls

    This can be caused by lateral earth movement and intensive soil pressure. Huge fractures from the wall foundation can be hard to repair and may demand to vacate the house.

  2. 2. Poor indoor air quality

    Presence of gaps in your home insulation may lead to drafty indoor air. The gaps may also increase mold growth and an increased utility bill. Your contractor will identify the underlying problem.

  3. 3. Poorly fitting windows and doors

    If your doors and windows start sticking unexpectedly, then a foundation problem may be one possible cause. Your inspector should be able to identify areas of moisture intrusion.

  4. 4. Wet crawl space

    Let your inspector check your crawlspace for staining and excessive moisture. These conditions make it easy for mold to grow and should be addressed by fixing the cracks in your foundation.

  5. 5. Water stains

    Persistent staining on your walls indicates poor draining of storm water around your house. As a result, the water is absorbed around the foundation. Puddles around your home also means the soil has poor drainage.

  6. 6. Creaky or sagging floors

    When you hear creaking sounds while walking in your house, then it may be due to warping of your home's frame. In some cases, you can install additional structural support to eliminate the sounds.

  7. 7. Cracks in bricks

    Check your brick veneer for stress cracks that appear due to foundation problems or house leveling. In such cases, patching the cracks using mortar is not an ideal fix; you will need foundation repair.

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