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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Steps to Creating a Garden
  1. 1. Determine the right space

    Even when you are working with a smaller yard or only have a patio to work with, there are techniques that let you enjoy gardening. Raised boxes are ideal for balconies or patios.

  2. 2. Choose the right plants

    Most vegetable plants used for gardening require at least eight hours of sunlight exposure. Make sure that your gardener can place these plants in an area that meets their needs.

  3. 3. Protect with fencing

    Place fences along the edges of your gardens or around the perimeters of your raised garden boxes to keep out rabbits, squirrels, and other animals that can damage the plants.

  4. 4. Protect with ground cover

    Have your gardener spread mulch or wood chip bedding over your plants once they are planted. This can lock in the moisture and provide a thermal protective layer.

  5. 5. Use safe fertilizers

    The fertilizers and plant food that you use for your gardening projects should be safe for people, pets, and the building structures surrounding them.

  6. 6. Weed regularly

    Eliminate weeds on a weekly basis for the best blossoms and vegetable bounty.

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