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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Reasons to Have One-Time Leaf Cleanup
  1. 1. You're hosting a party

    If you're planning to host a one-time event at home and want your house to look beautiful, hire a professional landscaper to stop by and clean up.

  2. 2. You're composting

    If you're looking to start a compost bin, a landscaper can help you get it started by gathering up all the leaves for you to begin the process.

  3. 3. The trees are done dropping leaves

    When fall comes to an end and you don't want winter snows to create a slushy mess while mixing with leaves, a landscaper can drop by for a one-time cleanup.

  4. 4. Leaves can carry disease

    Fallen leaves can carry types of fungi that can be detrimental to the other plants. A landscaper will not only remove the leaves but may also know about treating infected plants.

  5. 5. Your grass needs air

    Like other plants, your grass needs to be able to "breathe." If you've recently installed sod, have a pro come and bag up the leaves to ensure the new grass starts growing properly.

  6. 6. Your HOA requires it

    Some homeowners' associations require that you remove fallen leaves from your yard once they reach a certain concentration.

  7. 7. You want a clean roof

    Moist clumps of leaves sitting around your roof can cause structural issues and mold growth if they linger too long. A landscaper can quickly blast them away with a blower.

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