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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Steps to Mold Inspection and Removal
  1. 1. When you have a distinct mildew smell in your home, call in a pro to inspect around all of the water sources. These sources are often found in your kitchen, bathroom, utility room or laundry room.

  2. 2. Shower curtains and shower door tracking provide the right environment for mold to grow in your home. Show your pro to all your bathrooms so he or she can check for green, gray or black discoloration.

  3. 3. Damp basements are common areas of the home where inspectors often find mold colonies. If you have a basement, have your mold inspector search along walls and window frames for mold.

  4. 4. Window frames and doorways throughout your home may also require a pro's assessment. If these areas are not properly sealed, he or she may find a visible black patch of mold growing.

  5. 5. Mold-remediation is a largely unregulated field, so it's critical to hire a professional who has excellent references. He or she should provide before and after photographs of recent work.

  6. 6. Once your pro has evaluated the mold, he or she should work with you to formulate a cleanup plan. It can be as simple as disinfecting your drywall or as complicated as bringing in HEPA filters.

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