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5 Reasons to Tune Your Piano
  1. 1. Humidity shifts

    One of the main reasons a piano falls out of tune is the change in weather, mainly humidity. If you have the piano in a temperature-controlled room, you might not have to tune as often.

  2. 2. A move or rearrangement

    Moving a piano can cause it to go out of tune as well. This is due to the piano acclimating to the air in the new room. Instead of tuning it right away, let it sit for about two weeks to acclimate.

  3. 3. Strings are too taut

    New strings also tend to make a piano sound flat. The wire is elastic and has to stretch in order to reach pitch. The new strings are tighter and take time to pull up to pitch.

  4. 4. Loosening pins

    Older pianos can go flat or sharp from slipping tuning pins. As a piano ages, the tuning pins can become loose causing tuning stability problems.

  5. 5. Hard practicing

    Playing a piano often and loudly can cause the piano to go out of tune slightly, but not to a great extent. The force of the hammer hitting the piano strings can change the strings’ tension.

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