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Furniture moving and heavy lifting services are most commonly used for moving items short distances such as inside a home or within the same building, but these professionals generally can also help move items a few blocks or many miles. Common requests for help involve moving a sofa, armchair, recliner, loveseat, dining table, bed frame, mattress, mirror, painting, piano, pool table or packed boxes. Several considerations affect the cost of furniture moving and heavy lifting services.


Time is the biggest factor in determining the cost for these services. Some heavy lifting pros charge by the hour, and others charge by the project. In either case, the total time to complete a job determines the final cost. Move It For You in Irving, Texas, for example, charges $65 per hour for a two-man crew.


The distance a pro has to move furniture or heavy items can affect the total cost—either by increasing the total cost of the project or by costing more by the hour since it can take longer to move something farther. Many companies also charge additional fees if the distance from the home to the truck is more than 100 feet.


Some heavy lifting pros provide transportation services along with the lifting, and others, such as Move It For You, provide only labor. Provision of the truck and transportation of the goods to another site will incur additional fees.


The number of flights of stairs or number of landings in a staircase can also affect the cost of services. Staircases with landings often have shorter ceilings and therefore require more strategy and time to maneuver, explains Move It For You. For example, moving a bedroom set (mattress, bedframe, dresser, night stands) from a downstairs bedroom up one flight of straight stairs should take Move It For You under 60 minutes, resulting in a $65 fee for their services. However, the same bedroom set going up a staircase with a landing and a low ceiling might take closer to 2 hours because of logistics, the need to disassemble and reassemble the furniture, as well as added effort. The job with the landing would then cost $130.

Minimum time

Many movers charge a minimum fee to account for their employees’ effort and time arriving to the job site. Move It For You requires a one-hour minimum fee, although many companies require a two-hour minimum. One way to save money is to consolidate all heavy lifting needs into one service call.

Cost-saving strategies

Break down bed frames, remove table legs and take mirrors off the back of dressers before the movers arrive, recommends Move It For You. Any prep work the customer does means less time the lifters and movers need to be paid. For some king size beds, it can take Move It For You 20 minutes to disassemble and 20 minutes to reassemble, which is two-thirds of an hour that could be spent moving.

Travel fees

If a job site is outside a professional’s service area, additional travel fees may apply. Some companies don’t charge travel fees as long as they are local. For example, Move It For You doesn’t charge an additional fee as long as the job site is within 30 miles.

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