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Planning ahead

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7 Steps to Hiring a Real Estate Agent
  1. 1. Look for an exclusive agent

    You want your agent to always look out for your best interests, not someone else’s. Having an exclusive agent means they have no hidden agenda behind recommendations.

  2. 2. Plenty of experience

    Make sure they've been working for at least 2 years in real estate. Also ask to see information about the number of sales they've closed or the properties they've discovered.

  3. 3. Gauge internet presence

    Given the huge number of online buyers and sellers these days, you need someone who’s tech-savvy and well-known.

  4. 4. Check for passion

    A good real estate agent isn’t just in it for the commission. They love their job. So make sure to interview a few agents first until you find one that really connects with your business.

  5. 5. Ask questions

    A pro should have a good relationship with several—not just one—contractors and businesses in the area who perform property inspections.

  6. 6. Stay local

    Local real estate agents know about your city and can show you properties others might miss.

  7. 7. Stay up to date

    Ask beforehand how often your agent will inform you of progress, and in what way. Staying in the loop lets you monitor important decisions.

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