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Planning ahead

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7 Ways to Work with a Recruiter
  1. 1. Before hiring a recruiter, it's best to compile an internal team to assess what positions and/or skills are missing from the current operation. Create positions that are needed.

  2. 2. Take a look at your current staff to see if you can have your recruiter incorporate some of these employees.

  3. 3. Have your recruiter create a database of candidates on a spreadsheet or similar document to help track candidates throughout the hiring process.

  4. 4. Have your recruiter invent a scoring scale to rank each candidate before and after he or she is interviewed. This can help the recruiter give you a better picture of how the different candidates stack up.

  5. 5. Make sure a good chunk of your interview questions are of a personal, but professional level. It’s important to make sure the right candidate fits in with your business model and your vision.

  6. 6. Create an offer letter using a template or original draft and have a human resource professional or attorney review it for legality.

  7. 7. If you are hiring en masse to fill many positions, it might be a good idea to meet with all present employees before the hiring process so that everyone is on the same page.

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