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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Planning a Home Remodel
  1. 1. Get inspiration

    Search online for the styles and interior finishes that inspire you. Have a clear idea for the look and feel you wish to achieve within your home.

  2. 2. Plan your budget

    Set a budget number for the project that you can afford. Later on, your remodeling contractor will help you choose materials that fit into your constraints.

  3. 3. List your must-haves

    Make a list of your end goals for the remodeling project to give to your contractor that can help guide the project.

  4. 4. Check credentials

    As you research contractors, check their memberships with any professional organizations. Also ensure they are licensed, insured and bonded.

  5. 5. Check past work

    If possible, try to find contractors whose work you can actually go see to get a better idea of the quality and the way in which the contractor was able to work with the existing space.

  6. 6. Get bids

    Have your three candidates provide project bids after discussing your end goals with the remodel. Review this information, and select a remodeling contractor you click with.

  7. 7. Sign contracts

    Once you have awarded the job to your contractor, create a payment schedule and sign off on any procedure lists. Make sure there are provisions for dispute resolution.

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