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7 Septic System Fixes for a Pro
  1. 1. Odors

    Foul odors are telltale signs of a septic system problem. You might notice odors that resemble sewage or rotten eggs outside. Eventually, these foul odors might be noticeable inside your home as well.

  2. 2. drain, or you might notice water come up through the sink.

  3. 3. Noises

    Gurgling noises when you flush your toilet are indicative of septic system issues. This noise gets louder during times of heavy usage.

  4. 4. Slow drains

    Slow-running drains are also a sign of a septic problem. If one of your drains is running slowly, you probably have a clog, but if all of your drains are slow, you have a problem with your entire system.

  5. 5. Green grass

    Extremely green grass around your septic tank occurs when the tank's leach field can’t handle the effluent. The effluent leaks out into the yard, and it turns the grass dark green.

  6. 6. Wet lawn

    You might notice that your yard is wetter than normal. This could happen if your leach field isn’t draining properly. If you don’t address the problem, your leach field could stop draining completely.

  7. 7. Low areas

    Depressions also point to issues with the septic system. These low areas occur over the septic tank and are often a sign of a serious problem. If you have a depression, you might have a hole in your septic tank.

  8. 8. Overflow

    Sewage overflow is one of the most serious signs of a septic system problem. This is also a biohazard, so you need to contact a professional right away if this happens to avoid exposure to the sewage.

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