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Planning ahead

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7 Reasons to Hire a Tile Cleaning Pro
  1. 1. Unique maintenance

    Tile requires a different type of maintenance because of its grout and sometimes-porous nature. Hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner ensures you preserve the material.

  2. 2. Better cleaning

    Tile and grout cleaning professionals have access to stronger cleaners and tools that you usually cannot access. These trade-only tools are more effective at getting grime out of grout lines.

  3. 3. Faster work

    No matter what type of tile you have, a professional cleaner is likely familiar with its requirements. His or her experience also means the job takes much less time than it would for a first-timer.

  4. 4. Added safety

    Mixing different chemicals and solvents might seem like the norm if you're attempting to clean tile and grout yourself, but accidentally combining these chemicals can create a dangerous cocktail.

  5. 5. Guarantee

    Tile cleaning professionals often provide guarantees on their work. If you're unhappy with the results or you start to notice your tile dirtying, you may be entitled to another cleaning or other remedy.

  6. 6. Pro restorations

    Tile that is decades old needs an experienced, delicate touch. Your pro can restore it if necessary, or simply clean it thoroughly to have it looking brand new again.

  7. 7. Added life

    Hiring a professional tile cleaner extends the life of your tiles. At-home methods can actually damage tile, but a pro knows the right products and techniques to use to preserve it.

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