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How much does tile installation cost?

Average cost in 20149: $755 See National


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The average cost for a tile professional is $755. You are likely to spend between $320 and $1,795 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Tile experts can help with stone or tile flooring, ceramic or porcelain tile, tile mosaics and more to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, outside patios and entranceways. Projects may include tile walls, floors, backsplashes, tub or shower enclosures, countertops and much more. Installers can tile small areas under 25 square feet or large areas over 200 square feet, and they can cover concrete, wood or drywall. Many pros can also remove existing tile or carpet and other nontile materials. Clients can provide the tile or the installation company can provide it. Several factors affect the cost of tile installation.

Type of tile

Tile prices range from under $1 to well over $50 per square foot, depending on the material, manufacturer and demand. For example, slate tiles cost much more than imitation stone. Selecting tiles with a higher cost per unit affects the total cost of a project. In addition, handmade tiles and nonuniform tiles can cost more to install because they must be hand prepped, or "back buttered," by applying mortar to the uneven components of the back of the tile to ensure that it lays flat. This process results in a higher labor cost.

Square footage

Some tile professionals charge for installation based on square footage. The cost per square foot varies, depending on where the tiles are installed, how large the surface area to be tiled is and other factors. Here are a couple pricing examples from W&B Villa Construction in Deerfield Beach, Florida:

  • Wood-look tile installation in areas ranging from 6x24 feet to 8x48 feet: $3.20–$3.50 per square foot

    • Prices drop with larger installation areas.
  • Tile installation on 3x5-foot regular tub and shower walls with an 8-foot ceiling: $1,450

    • Same tub and shower walls with tiles reaching up to a 10-foot ceiling: $1,650

Repair work

If the tile installation project is in an area that has had a leak, has mold damage or has a structural integrity issue, some contractors can repair the damage to prepare it for new tiles. The overall cost of the project will then increase to cover the added labor, materials and disposal of materials. According to W&B Villa Construction, it’s often necessary to repair the shower pan when retiling a shower. For example, improper installation of the shower liner—cutting and perforation instead of folding—can allow leaks to pass through tiles, and if the shower pan floor isn’t pitched prior to liner installation, water may not be able to drain properly if it leaks through the tiles. W&B Villa Construction charges $800–$1,600 for shower pan repair.

Surface prep

It’s easier to install tile on smooth, even surfaces. These types of jobs typically cost less because the installer has less prep work to do before laying the tile. Uneven floors, old flooring that must be removed and walls or counters that require additional steps beyond the standard preparation increase overall costs.


Geographic location affects tile installation costs. Tile professionals in larger cities and regions with a higher cost of living typically charge higher rates for services.

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Recent reviews

New Millennium Construction

First rate, quality tile work by New Millennium. Back splash, floor tile, thresholds and the shower stall which is now one of the highlights of the house. Joe offered a competitive price, was very knowledgeable and even went as far as to provide materials at cost when needed. I would highly recommend New Millennium to anyone looking to have work done.

MTS Tile

Incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Work was cost appropriate, neat, and he offered suggestions on better ways to go about the project. Already asked him to complete other jobs as the work was so great.

Zimcos LLC

From start to finish, it was a pleasure working with Slavik Zima and Zimcos LLC has my highest recommendations for anyone seeking high quality tile work at a fair price. We wanted tile floors installed in our dining room and our office. After taking measurements, Slavik spent time with me and my wife and ascertained what we wanted/desired. He then discussed what all would be involved in the installation of the tile floors. He provided us unbiased technical advice, expertise, and aesthetic recommendations that resulted in an excellent finished product.. Slavik brought it to our attention that the floor specialist at the big box hardware store had provided me and my wife some erroneous information about tile installation and tile size. He made us aware of a local company that featured high quality flooring of all types, including tile. He explained that we would realize a substantial cost savings if we purchased our tile product there because we could mention his company and purchase the product at the same price charged to tradespeople. Therefore, we essentially bought the tile product at a discounted price and Slavik picked it up from the store and installed it for us. This is akin to you bringing your own food to a restaurant and then you just pay them to cook it! Most contractors would purchase the tile product themselves and then add additional costs to increase their profit margin. Slaviks recommendations resulted in a substantial cost savings, our obtaining a superior tile product than that carried by the big box hardware store, and the installation of tile floors that exceeded our expectations! Slavik is very detailed oriented and this is reflected in the quality and appearance of his work. He was able to tile both rooms without removing the baseboards and where applicable the tiles were precisely cut/mitered to fit the various angles/curves of the baseboard like a hand in a glove. Slavik has a love for his craft and performs it exceedingly well. We will definitely hire him again for future projects.