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5 Things Trademark Laws Protect
  1. 1. Trade dress

    Trade dress is considered to be anything that distinguishes a product you create. Unique colors, distinctive shapes, special graphics or sales techniques are all factors covered by trade dress laws.

  2. 2. Titles and names

    Titles that you create for your products, literary works or other creations are protected under the trademark laws in the United States. Working with an experienced trademark attorney ensures protection.

  3. 3. Characters

    Literary characters that you make up for storytelling, theatrics or other artistic works are protected by trademark laws. These characters are given life through the work you put into their creation.

  4. 4. Domain names

    Domain names are created by the unique addresses they are assigned to. When you create a domain name for the purpose of selling a product, your attorney gets you compensation if others try to steal it.

  5. 5. Your name

    Misuse of an author’s name is similar to the theft of a domain name. Trademark attorneys provide research on your behalf to locate any instances in which your name is being negatively.

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