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7 Steps to Hanging a TV
  1. 1. Manage cords

    Decide if you want to have your installer hide the wires with a cable management raceway, running them behind the crown molding or baseboards, or use a powerbridge kit to hide wires in the walls.

  2. 2. Get a clear view

    Aim to hang the TV so that you are viewing it head-on and it is at eye level when you are seated. If you need to hang it higher, consider using a tilted wall mount to angle the TV down.

  3. 3. Get long cables

    Many people run into problems when their cables do not reach far enough. For a typical TV setup where the audio visual equipment sits right underneath the TV, choose 8-foot cords.

  4. 4. Get the right mount

    Use the right mount for your TV model to ensure that the TV hangs safely. Most TV manufacturers supply mounts. Whatever mount you choose, be sure that it can handle the weight of your TV.

  5. 5. Stay secure

    Ask your installer to secure the TV mount to the studs in the wall, not the plain plaster or drywall. He or she should use a stud finder to find the wooden supports in the wall and confirm the studs' location by using a small drill bit to drill a test hole in the wall.

  6. 6. Stay level

    To prevent a crooked TV your installer should use a level when hanging the mount.

  7. 7. Stay connected

    Connect the cables to your TV before hanging it on the mount. Once the TV is fixed to the wall, it may be more difficult to get all the cords in the right place.

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