How much will your tv repair services cost?

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TV Repair People on Thumbtack cost$130 - $180

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$100
  • Most common low price:$130
  • Most common high price:$180
  • Highest price:$189

How much does it cost to repair a TV?

The national average cost to repair a TV is $80, though most people spend between $65 and $90. The type of television, the complexity of the issue with the TV and parts needed factor into the price. TV repair companies often provide pickup and delivery service to customers for a set fee.

TV repair prices:

National average cost $80
Average cost range $65-$90
Low-end cost $60
High-end cost $250

Fixing a malfunctioning television instead of throwing it away and buying a new one can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. TV repair professionals work on plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, HD, HDR and a range of other screen types. These pros have the tools, training, and experience to resolve most TV-related problems. As TV screens have gotten bigger and technology more advanced, TV repair requires a lot more technical knowledge than it used to.

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What affects the cost of repairing a TV?

Most TVs can be repaired, regardless of how new or how outdated your TV technology happens to be. According to Mark Guarino of Commercial Service Co. in Webster, New York, the more difficult types of TVs to repair are:

  • Older plasma TVs built from 2004 - 2009
  • Projection TVs
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP) TVs
  • LED TVs (particularly when the LED lights go bad)
  • LCD TVs (LCDs are the most common TV type that needs repairs)

Whether it’s power problems, digital problems, or a broken screen, the TV repairs will vary in price, depending on the cost of parts, the extent of labor required, and any necessary taxes.

Common TV problems and repairs

A variety of issues can arise with a TV, but most can be resolved relatively easily by professional TV techs. The most common TV repairs that Commercial Service Co. encounters include these:

  • Power problems (the TV doesn’t turn on or stay on)
  • Digital problems
  • Sound issues
  • Screen problems (i.e., sound but no picture on the screen)

Commercial Service Co. charges $175-$200 for these standard TV repairs. Here are a few specific repair cases with cost examples:

65-inch Sony DLP TV

  • What was fixed: Removed old light engine and bulb and installed new.

Total repair cost: $275, including parts and labor. This TV repair cost higher than most, but the customer really wanted to preserve the TV.

42-inch Sanyo Plasma TV

  • What was the problem: Multiple circuit boards had gone bad within the TV. Depending on how many parts stop functioning, a repair technician can sometimes save the circuit boards. However, if too many parts are bad, it will require purchasing new or refurbished circuit boards to properly repair the TV.
  • Solution: Purchased a new Y-SUS sustain buffer board and an X main board to complete the repair.

Total repair cost: $200, including parts and labor.

55-inch Samsung LCD TV

  • What was the problem: The LCD was experiencing intermittent problems powering up and suddenly powering off. Commercial Service Co. first checked the power supply for bad parts and found it to be working properly. The service tech next checked the main circuit board and discovered that was the problem board.
  • Solution: The pro made the repair and saved the customer from purchasing a new LCD TV.

Total project cost: $150, including parts and labor.

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TV screen repair cost

It can cost you up to of $100 to repair a cracked LCD TV screen. Check to see if your TV is still under warranty — you might be able to get the screen repaired for a reduced cost if the damage is under warranty.

If the damage is severe, consider opting to buy a new TV, as it might be cheaper than repairing the existing one.

TV pickup and delivery fees

TV repair companies often provide pickup and delivery service to customers for a set fee. The fee covers the cost of employee labor, transportation, and overhead for coordinating.

For example, Commercial Service Co. charges $40 for pickup and delivery, but 80% of the company’s customers bring in their TVs for repair.

How to hire a TV repair pro

There are a few steps you can take to aid in your decision making and to ensure that you hire a TV repairman who will be able to complete the repairs:

  • Determine your budget: Figure out how much you have to spend on professional TV repairs. Aligning in the upfront about your budget will save both you and your repair pro time and energy in the long run.
  • Gather multiple quotes: Shop around at a few different TV repair shops to make sure that you're getting the best project cost price. TV repair shops will usually give free quotes to potential customers.
  • Nail down the costs: At first glance, the job may appear simple – but as the repairman gets further, they may realize that the damage is more extensive. Be sure to get a cost estimate, including labor and parts, before the work has been started so you don’t get stuck with a huge surprise bill.
  • Ask for reviews: Ask for reviews to make sure you're choosing the right repairman for the job.

How to save money on TV repairs

Fixing your TV doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some ways to save money on the cost of repairing your TV:

  • Shop around: Not all TV repair shops will charge the same amount, so it pays to shop around to get the best price.
  • Repair or replace?: Before you throw out your broken TV and buy a new TV, determine if a simple repair will fix the non-functioning tube.
  • Bring your TV in: Many TV repair shops will charge a pickup and delivery fee, so save some cash by bringing the TV into the shop yourself.

Benefits of professional TV repair

Let’s cut right to the chase — repairing your existing TV will usually cost you less than replacing it. By repairing your TV instead of outright replacing it, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars! Additionally, most TVs, regardless of how old or broken, are able to be repaired.

Unless you’re an electrician or electrical engineer, chances are that you don’t know the first thing about repairing a TV. That’s why it’s best to involve a professional repairman in the process. They will have access to the correct parts and know exactly how to handle each repair.

Most TV repair shops are trained to repair any brand of TV, regardless of where you purchased it. With your TV in professional hands, you can sit back and relax knowing you have the right people for the job.

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