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5 Common TV Repairs for a Pro
  1. 1. Vertical lines

    This can sometimes be something as simple as a loose wire, but it can also mean that some of the pixels in the TV have failed. If the problem has to do with loose connections, a pro can tackle it.

  2. 2. Horizontal lines

    They can be caused by an inadequate input signal or by loose wires and connections. If the lines are moving up and down the screen, this is a sign that the input signal is the problem.

  3. 3. No sound

    Here, the cause of this issue is usually that the wire to the speakers may be loose. Internal audio wires could be loose or damaged too. There is also the chance that the internal speakers were damaged.

  4. 4. No power

    When this happens, it usually means that the fuse has burned out. If your TV won’t power up but you notice blinking lights, this can mean that it detected a problem through the self-diagnostic system.

  5. 5. Crack-type lines

    Spider lines, or lines that spread out from a point on the screen, are another issue. This usually happens after the internal glass breaks. It’s likely the LCD panel has to be replaced by a pro.

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