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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring a Washer Repair Pro
  1. 1. Take your time

    If you don't have a washing machine emergency on your hands, spend some time searching for the right person to fix the appliance. Try to give yourself a week, if possible, to narrow your search.

  2. 2. Shop around

    Unless you're having an emergency, don't just select the first pro you find. Make a list of three to five candidates and call them to discuss the project.

  3. 3. Consider a visit

    The pros you call may need to come to your home to diagnose the issue first and provide an estimate. If you already know exactly what the problem is, you can save this step.

  4. 4. Review estimates

    After you've had pros diagnose the repair, review their estimates. You don't have to choose the lowest bidder.

  5. 5. Schedule the fix

    Work out a time that the repairman you hire can return to fix the problem. He or she may need to order a specific part, so be prepared for the repair not to take place immediately.

  6. 6. Check warranties

    If possible, have your washing machine repair pro purchase parts that have warranties for extra security. Also ask if he or she provides a guarantee.

  7. 7. Give your pro room

    Give your expert space to work, as he or she may have to pull the washer out from the wall. Also be sure to corral pets and kids so they don't get in the way.

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