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Power washing and pressure washing use high-pressure water spray to remove unwanted dirt, mildew and other grime from concrete, stucco, wood, brick, vinyl, asphalt, stone, metal and other outdoor surfaces. Power washing uses hot water and is preferred when trying to remove stains such as grease or oil. Pressure washing typically does not use hot water and is often used on harder surfaces. Power and pressure washing can be part of a routine cleaning, to prepare to paint or stain a home, or to address specific problems. Multiple factors affect the cost of hiring a professional.

Square footage

The size of the area to be cleaned is the largest contributor to cost when it comes to pressure washing and power washing. Companies may charge a base cost for services followed by an additional rate per square foot. For example, Esteem Pro-Clean charges $89 for their base pressure washing rate, which covers up to 500 square feet of surface area, with each additional square foot thereafter costing 12 cents. Rates per square foot often vary depending on whether the machine used is a pressure washer or a power washer.

Pressure washing versus power washing

Typically, power washing machines cost more than pressure washing machines and, as a result, those services may cost more per square foot. Here’s an example of the price difference per square foot from Esteem Pro-Clean:

  • Pressure washing: 12 cents per square foot beyond the 500-square-foot mark

  • Power washing: 15 cents per square foot beyond 500 square feet

  • Sweeper-scrubber (industrial floor scrubber for high-traffic areas like parking lots): $89 base rate, plus 15 cents per square foot

  • Wood cleaning and restoration (a three-step process): 24 cents per square foot


Companies may offer incentive deals to establish a relationship with new clientele where they wash a portion of an area at a reduced rate. For example, Pressure Power LLC specializes in flat surface residential washing and offers these promotions:

  • Pressure washing up to 500 square feet of driveway: $80

  • Pressure washing up to 1,200 square feet of driveway, sidewalk, curb and entryway/landing: $198 or 16.5 cents per square foot (any additional area requested costs 22 cents per square foot)

Cleaning chemicals

Companies use different cleaning solutions to clear away surface dirt and grime. Depending on the quality of the chemicals and how environmentally friendly they are, some may cost more per square foot than others.


Pressure washing and power washing are obviously done on-site, so travel within a company’s normal service area is usually incorporated into standard rates. Travel fees may apply if a job site is beyond the normal service range for the company.


Extenuating circumstances may increase a company’s standard rates if they create added labor or risk. Such factors can include delicate surfaces or extreme dirt, accessibility issues (steep terrain, etc.) and added labor and expertise to create special drainage solutions for their water.

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