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Planning checklist

Prepare for success by getting started now.
1 year before: Hire and book
  • Think ahead. Book your wedding’s band or DJ close to a year in advance in order to save money.
  • Do your research by conducting an online search for full-service production companies or music agencies in your area.
  • Look at the budget to determine exactly how much money you can spend on entertainment before reaching out to musicians.
  • Consider the venue space. Don’t book an 8-piece Motown band when your wedding is taking place in a small venue with a tiny stage.
9 months before: Start interviewing
  • Get access to recordings of the bands' performances or get the opportunity to see them play live before selecting your final choice.
8 months before: Verify the booking
  • Speak with the venue you booked about the entertainment you’re considering.
  • Make sure your venue can accommodate your band’s needs.
  • Read your contract carefully. Be aware of what you’re signing and take note of the cancellation terms and any contingencies.
4 months before: Choose songs
  • Select a band or act that you trust, and work to create a playlist.
  • Before finalizing anything, speak with the musicians directly to get a better feel for their attitudes and experiences.
3 months before: Firm up details
  • At this point, you and your entertainer should have a plan for the music or songs you want at the wedding.
  • Have the entertainers run through the set for you to ensure things are progressing.
1–2 months before: Finalize
  • Discuss any last-minute program changes with your entertainers and attend several rehearsal sessions.
2 weeks before: Assess
  • Attend several more rehearsal sessions with the entertainers. Now is the time to nix a certain song or adjust the song order.
  • Give your entertainers directions to the venue in case they need to set up equipment.
The day before: Help set up
  • If your entertainers need to set up any band instruments or have them delivered to the venue, be on hand to facilitate this with the venue if necessary.
The day of: Pay
  • Be prepared to pay the last installment to your entertainers once the night is over.

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