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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Wedding Decoration
  1. 1. Explore design options

    Spend plenty of time doing your research, collecting ideas and looking for inspiration before settling on a plan with your designer.

  2. 2. Stick to a budget

    It is very easy to blow your budget on decorations, so settle on a firm amount and stick to it. Your decorator should be well aware of your limit and work hard to adhere to it.

  3. 3. Know your color scheme

    Once you have your wedding colors picked out, it's much easier to wade through the many decorating options. Try to incorporate the color scheme in table linens, centerpieces and flowers.

  4. 4. Use what your decorator has

    Many decorators have collections of pieces that they use to stage events throughout the year. If you hire a decorator who specializes in weddings, he or she is sure to have some options to show you.

  5. 5. Incorporate the venue's look

    Fireplaces, scenic views and elaborate architecture often stand out better on their own than when surrounded by elaborate decor. Your decorator can help you strike the right balance.

  6. 6. Aim for balance

    Tall centerpieces can add depth to narrow tables, while a long tables can add symmetry to a room with oversized windows.

  7. 7. Don't overthink it

    Don't waste too much energy combing through the choices. Make sure you are choosing things because you like them, not because they are trendy. If in doubt, have your decorator make some selections.

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