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As caricaturists go, I am fun, fast, and great at engaging with your guests to make them feel comfortable and excited about getting their caricature drawn! Once I get going, my marker usually doesn't stop moving and your guests won't stop laughing until it's time to head home. People's faces when they see their caricature! It's a truly priceless moment when I turn the paper around and they light up with laughter.

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    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      FAQ’s for Smile Lines Caricatures: What's the best way to book my event, and how far in advance should I call? Call or email me. Book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. Do you draw caricatures as gifts? Can you create logos and fine art, as well? Check out Smile Lines' Gifts and Custom Art page by clicking here for commission samples and rates. Emily can do caricatures from photos, create professional graphic designs and illustrations, and draw fine graphite portraits of your friends and family to fit a wide spectrum of artistic needs. How long does it take you to draw a caricature at a live event? Less than five minutes, + or – a minute depending on how many guests are in attendance (and how big their hair is =). If I'm drawing bodies and a scene OR adding color, double that time. If the caricature is in full pose with a background and color, it can take up to fifteen minutes. What kinds of events are best for hiring a caricaturist? Anything and everything where you want to create laughter and send your guests home with a great memory. I've drawn at everything from birthday parties to bar mitzvahs, large corporate events, office parties, picnics, church lock-ins, all-night graduation and post-prom events… Caricatures are a hit with small, intimate gatherings as well as being a great entertainment at dances and dinner parties. Do you include color and poses at events? Black and white face caricatures are faster and better for parties, unless it’s a birthday party, bachelor party, office party, or any event of that nature where the guest list is small. Ultimately, you decide! Do you make people look uglier than they really are? No. The goal of a caricature or a fine portrait, for me, is to make people look more like themselves than a photo could do. While an essential element of caricature is exaggeration, I tend toward the "generous" side when taking artistic license with someone's face. Meaning I'm not going to over-exaggerate someone's pimples, braces, double chin, or anything like that, because to me, that's not their most important or recognizable features! Do you bring all your own materials? Yup. Everything is included in the price. All I need is good light, a few chairs, and five square feet of space. A table is also nice to have but not necessary. Do you need to have a lot of light to be able to work? It's best to have good light, but not essential that the venue is well-lit. If hired to draw caricatures at a dance or night-time event, I will bring my own additional lighting which will not be bright enough to detract from the atmosphere but will be bright enough for me to see my subjects. How long have you been drawing caricatures? About six years. I started drawing caricatures while in college in Louisville, Kentucky.
    Coverage Area for Smile Lines Caricatures is about 80+ miles of Boston, MA.