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Medford, MA

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We offer full-service recording, mixing, and mastering for any genre of music.

Our specialties include working with singer/songwriters who need to hire pro musicians or want to program backing instruments and artists in recovery who are reclaiming their artistic abilities.

We record vocals and classical instruments at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford in their two lovely sounding large rooms, the Sanctuary and Benker Hall.


Medford, MA 02155

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3 Reviews
  • Mark P. Nov 25, 2012
    One is pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, ingenuity, and gratifying experience that lies in wait for all that enter the subterranean sound chamber that is Indecent Music. Hendrick is a one-of-a-kind engineer: he has an acute ear for the nuances of sound and a keen awareness of production value. He is a professional acoustician and a master of educing the best possible sound from any space. His approach is hands-off with complete and utter respect for the band or artist's vision, though he will frequently make helpful suggestions. For the product that you will get and the price that you will pay, Indecent Music is hard to beat. What Indecent Music lacks in space it more than makes up for in spirit, grit, and results.
  • Patrick M. Oct 8, 2012
    These days, there aren't a shortage of home studios: just ask your neighbor's kid with a laptop, SM 58, and pirated DAW. And, as always - musicians are always facing the same problem: cheap and 'eh', or expensive and...well usually they run out of money before their golden peach of art ever ripens. So, when faced with the same predicament, and nearly drowning in puddles of indecision, there comes Hendrick Gideonse. This guy is the answer to your prayers. Before we set up a single drum mic, Hendrick was giving us invaluable help and information about pre-production; thus saving us a ton of money before hitting the studio. He came to shows and mixed us on the fly, gaining experience with the band and getting right into the most detailed parts of what made our sound work, or, what needed work. When we got to Hendrick's Indecent Music - a handcrafted labor of love that goes above and beyond traditional home studios - you feel two things simultaneously: comfortable, and confident that you came to the right place. Keeping the nerves down dramatically improves your performance when it counts, and Hendrick's dry humor, attitude and patience all add up to keeping things light and productive. Hendrick excels at what I feel is the top priority of any producer/engineer: Be as transparent as possible in the mix, while nurturing the highest potential of the artist he is working with. He worked with us to find a price that was reasonable on both our ends, and in many ways went above and beyond in helping us bring our first studio to life. Hendrick 2012, and beyond. -Patrick McConnell Little War Twins
  • Gaetana B. Oct 4, 2012
    Choosing Indecent Music to engineer the Little War Twins EP was perfect. The enviornment was comfortable and Hendrik was well versed in dealing with all types of personalities (important when you have a five piece band!). He also has an amazing ear and is great at showing sound possibilites, all while respecting your own artistic vision.The record sounds incredible. Having creative freedom and flexibility is important to me and Indecent Music provided both. In terms of improvement... well I guess you would have to be the judge. One important thing Hendrik mentioned was finding the middle ground in a recording. A place where the band and he both agreed the sound was good. Personally, having true input and also recognition of my music is finding a true balanced sound. Indecent captured the truth of our vision, our sound and our personality. What more could you want in a studio?


What types of customers have you worked with?
Producing a Recording: As a producer, my role is to find and hire musicians as needed to fill out arrangements of songs or to perform these parts myself. I often will help to arrange the songs and make suggestions for improving the performances. I also engineer the recording, placing microphones and recording the material. This type of job also includes mixing the recorded tracks. Engineering a Recording: This type of job is when the artist or band is fully formed (or they have already hired a producer) and are completely ready to go in the studio. In this case I focus on capturing the song as it is and highlighting the best aspects of the music and the musicians in the actual recording itself. This type of role also includes the mixing of the recorded tracks. Mixing: In a job like this the artist provides the recorded tracks either from another studio or from a home recording. I mix and balance the different tracks and often edit the recording to obtain the best representation of the material possible.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
-Find an engineer/producer that you like and are comfortable with. Make sure they have the degrees that demonstrate their ability, examples of music they have produced and communicate with you well. The person is the most important part of this equation. -Make sure that you are comfortable in the recording space. Are you relaxed and feeling creative? Is the space too sterile or too bright or uncomfortable is any way? How do the rooms sound to you? -Equipment is also important, but less important than the space and the people. A good producer can make good equipment sound amazing, but a bad engineer won't be able to capture your performance well with the best of equipment. If you require instruments, percussion, a piano, samples, etc make sure they are available or can be rented for your sessions.