How much does an interior designer cost?

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The average cost for an interior designer is $80/hr. You are likely to spend between $55 and $120 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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An interior designer can be hired for anything from a one-room consultation to overseeing the design of an entire new home or commercial space. Common interior design styles include contemporary, eclectic, traditional, coastal, craftsman, farmhouse, industrial, mid-century modern, shabby chic, rustic and southwestern. Clients frequently need help with space planning and layout, color palette and paint selection, choosing furniture, lighting, window treatment, flooring, accessories and art work. Interior design costs are affected by several factors.


The demand for a particular designer plays a large part in the cost of their services. Celebrity designers and those with high-profile jobs on their resume tend to have higher rates.

Hourly rates

Most interior designers—especially those who work on smaller residential projects that don’t involve construction—offer hourly rates. Here are some hourly pricing examples:

  • Visions of Variation with Victoria in Surprise, Arizona:

    • $75 per hour for shopping and consulting

    • $95 per hour for physically staging, moving and using client’s furniture and accessories
  • 13 Design Lane Interiors in Portland, Oregon:

    • $100 per hour for consultations and drawings

    • $50 per hour for project management such as shopping, administration, travel time, etc.
  • InFocus Designs in Crete, Illinois:

    • $175–$225 for new client consultations with no time limit (price depending on travel)

    • $50 per hour for project management after intake. Hourly rate may vary, depending on tasks

Percentage-based rates

Interior decorators charge percentage-based rates when they contribute their services to a large remodel or new home construction. In this case, the interior designer will receive a percentage of the total billed to the client for the project, including construction, furnishing and material. For example, if the client was charged $200,000 total for a project and the interior designer negotiated a 10 percent rate, he or she will receive $20,000.

Flat rate

Flat rate totals are costs for services that designers and clients agree to prior to the start of a project. These projects could entail anything from a complete home makeover to shopping for one piece of furniture. Each flat rate is negotiable with the interior designer and is based on specifics of the individual task.

Square footage

Interior designers—especially those working on larger homes or commercial projects—may charge by the square foot for an entire project. For example, a 5,000-square-foot space with a rate of $3 per square foot would cost $15,000.

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Recent reviews

Pure Dwelling LLC

She was great to work with and listened to what we wanted, while coming up with creative idea that complemented our vision. She also was excellent at researching and finding cost effective solutions for materials. Thanks Cynthia!

Design from A to V

We hired Andrei for our master bath And laundry remodel. He provided us with an estimate on the first meeting. He was able to provide us with seperate labor and materials cost which was very helpful to keep our project within budget. He helped us with the design and selection of materials. He is very detailed and thorough about what needs to be done. The quality of work is excellent. Both the projects were completed on time and great quality work.

Natale Wallace Interiors

Sara was such a pleasure to work with in decorating our home! I had never decorated more than my room in a dorm or an apartment, so decorating the full open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen was very intimidating to me. As someone who loves color, the entire room being filled with beige and white was not me at all, but I didn’t even know how to start (I learned that it’s with the floor – rugs!). Given the large room, Sara taught me how to choose rugs that were different from one another, but still complemented each other and flowed within the room. She helped me bring lots of rich colors together in a way I would have never picked. Next, we moved to the window treatments (the step I thought was first), which was still as overwhelming as ever. I didn’t have a clue how to work with the tall ceilings and match my new rugs (one of which had 35 colors!). Sara was able to narrow down colors and fabrics in about an hour and come up with a design that impressed me immediately. I could no longer picture the room any other way, annnd then the bill came. The cost was very shocking to me – someone who has never bought window treatments before – so I wish there could have been more of an upfront this will in general not be cheaper than $XXXX based on tall ceilings and floor length curtains. The initial cost was 2-3X what I had been thinking (again, never done this before!) and I know it all depends on what you want, but anything to help lessen the sticker shock would have been nice. However, Sara was so sweet about it and able to work with me on the cost by slightly changing the design to use less fabric and require less labor, thereby reducing the cost for us. The quality of the treatments is top notch, and the installation of it all was very professional. After going through the process, I do believe had I not used Sara, I would have wasted money on materials and potentially labor (maybe even spending more?), and not ended up with a room I love so much. Sara also helped us design window treatments for our bedroom and master bath to give us privacy and add some color into the room. She was able to design something that fit the purpose we needed and matched our extremely colorful bedspread, yet is neutral enough to allow for change in the future. The quality of the custom shades in truly wonderful as well. Finally, while all the window treatments were being installed, she just nonchalantly decides we need paint and picked the perfect color for accent walls in our living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. The accent walls mixed with the rugs and window treatments truly changed the room and made it the strong, rich, colorful room that I had always wanted. And our bedroom accent color went perfectly with our linens and is one of my favorite colors in the house. Sara is excellent at what she does (particularly anything to do with color), professional, and can help you make a huge difference with even the smallest changes. I also extremely appreciated her “educating” me in certain ways of decorating that I hope to use in the future – even though I do plan to use Sara’s services again, it’s nice to have a little more confidence in myself picking things. Sara not only delivers a wonderful product in her services, she is a joy to talk with, work with, and truly does become a friend.