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We make every effort to avoid replacing expensive (and often unavailable) circuit boards in your television. Instead, Tv Tech Electronics will locate and replace the defective components in your television's existing boards. We are part of a nationwide network of skilled electronics technicians involved in finding effective repairs for todays TVs and maintain a vast database of known problems and solutions. When servicing you television we replace all parts known to have a failure history, not just the single part causing the immediate problem. The result is a high quality repair likely to last longer than your new Tv did!

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Kevin E.
Sep 22, 2012
Highly recommend, very honest people have had two issues that confirms to me this is the BEST business to bring your TV’s for repair. Issue One Plasma TV –would not power on and found there website and figured why not, a Free estimate what have I got to lose and maybe I could save a few dollars to repair instead of replacing the TV. Shortly after dropping it off I received the call the TV was in need of some parts that were not longer available, and instead of getting some questionable parts just to make it worked they recommended not repairing the TV. Issue Two Subwoofer –had a transformer buzz so loud for over 2 years I could not use it because the buzz would drive you crazy. I could turn the subwoofer on with no input and still get a buzz. They told me they really are not setup for subwoofers because of not being able to get schematics and parts sometimes but were willing to look at. I received the call this time telling me subwoofer was working fine and there was not cost. When I went to pick it up it sounded great and the problem was fixed apparently in them taking it apart to test the components and putting back together must have cleaned or tighten some electrical connections. I told them I would like to at least pay for hour of their time because it did fix the issue and was told no since I was not given an estimate and no actual repairs were done there would be no cost. But they would appreciate a recommendation. Well as many companies are starting to even charge to give estimates, or act like they fix things when they did not, my experience with TV Tech Electronics has been fantastic and I do feel a little guilty on the subwoofer that they fixed and will not take any money for it so yes I can truly say they are honest people and would recommend them. I wish my experience with automotive shops being this honest was 1/100 of this experience. You truly have nothing to lose when they say FREE estimate they mean it. It has been 2 weeks and subwoofer is booming right along and did not cost a dime. How could you think of going any were else I wouldn’t.
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Terry H.
Aug 14, 2011
Outstanding. Courteous and professional is the most accurate way to describe these people. Gave me a free estimate and my tv was repaired in two days a little under that. I would highly recommend these people to anyone! Super service!!!
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Butch S.
Aug 16, 2011
i called every shop in town and they all wanted $40 or more just to look at my set. i took it to these guys for the free estimate and they called the next day with a fair price. the tv has been running 4 months now and still working great. recommended
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Stephen H.
Aug 23, 2012
What a great shop. They are courteous and ready to answer questions and share knowledge. Had my TV back within two days playing like it's brand new, and the cost was quite reasonable....MUCH less than having to buy a new TV. I'd recommend them to anyone.
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Shawn B.
Dec 27, 2013
My parents gave me a 47 inch HD TV that didn't work. I found a company in Kansas City that agreed to look at it and bid the repairs at no charge. The guys found numerous issues with the set and fixed my TV for less than $100. The customer service was excellent and the guys were very pleasant. They are TV -Tech Electronics at 4721-A Tracy Ave. phone # 816756-0668. Had an awesome experience!


  • What types of customers have you worked with?

    See a typical component level repair by our skilled techs by copying the link and pasting in the address bar of your browser: This repair was for an RCA model L42WD22YX6 42″ LCD television. There are very few parts available for this tv after it goes out of warranty, the manufacturer expects you to put it in the dumpster and buy a new one! The symptom was “Has sound, no picture”. I was quickly able to determine that the power supply was being turned on by the main board and that all of the voltages there appeared good. After a short investigation, I found the main fuse on the slave inverter open and a 2 ohm short across the filter caps. I removed shorted mosfets, SQ8 & SQ9 (FDD8447L) but still had the short across the filters. The IC SU1 (BD9897FS) was also shorted. The 2 filter caps were slightly puffy at the top. Parts replaced to repair the set were: IC SU1 BD9897FS SQ8 & SQ9 = FDD8447L 470UF/35V x2 SF2 = 10 AMP SM FUSE

  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

    All new televisions for sale today suffer from 2 major faults. First, manufacturers are now making their circuit boards by putting parts on both sides of the board so that they will have a compact board that fits into a smaller space, produced at a cheaper price. Because of this, they can no longer dip the circuit board in solder as they used to do or they will destroy the parts they put on the bottom. Instead, they sprinkle the board with a poor quality solder dust and melt it with a type of blow dryer device. The connections come un-soldered in just 1 or 2 years instead of lasting 10 or more years like they used to do. This is part of the mechanism that allows them to bring you that cheap TV, although this same poor way of soldering is done on the more expensive models too, so that they don’t last too much longer than the cheap ones. This problem is readily repairable by soldering the broken connections by hand with the proper solder. When done properly by an experienced technician, your product can easily last many times longer than when it first left the factory. Second, manufacturers often put in a few undersized or low quality key parts, calculated to last until the end of your warranty. If one of them fails while still under warranty, your circuit board is replaced with another containing the same low quality parts. Once Tv Tech Electronics replaces these flawed parts with a quality part, your machine can last longer the second time around, sometimes by many years. In many cases, you could say we actually remanufacture the circuit boards in your television.

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