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  1. #1 A Colorful Life Painting and Remodeling

    (3 reviews)

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A Colorful Life Painting and Remodeling

(3 reviews)

A Colorful Life Painting and Remodeling aims to establish one-to-one relationships with clients throughout the process of completing the job so that the customers get the exact quality that they are expecting. Below, the company owner shares what keeps them motivated in their work.

What do you love about your job?

I am my own boss. I love seeing the gratitude of my clients and the end product. Nothing is more rewarding than to help people with their home. At the end, it pays to see them just light up with appreciation.

Who inspired you to start your own business?

I used to work as a driver, and my two sons asked me to be home more. I then went back to college and got a degree in business, along with my solar panel go green effects badge.

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  • Painting & Remodeling

    A Colorful Life Painting and Remodeling

    (3 reviews)

    We have aimed for One simple principle. One to One relations throughout the whole job obtaining the exact quality and look the customer is aiming for in all there home care needs. When I can take something old and either remodel it with new updates and along with painting or a make over its the wow factor in the customers eyes that makes it worth it when it is completed.

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  • General Painting Services LLC

    (3 reviews)

    We always provide free estimates and honor them through the season. We are dedicated to providing clients with outstanding service and a quality finished product. We are prompt in completing our estimates and are diligent in our scheduling, arriving at your project as scheduled and completing it on time. What we do: Residential and Commercial Interior/Exterior painting and staining-we started out doing this since 2002, we love it and we're good at it! At the end of every day, we can see what has been accomplished. We enjoy challenging projects and strive to overcome these challenges to grow as a company.

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  • Contractor

    Miller Painting and Contracting

    (2 reviews)

    I believe our work stands out not because it just looks good but because we do our best to maintain a clean job and work environment. Love seeing old things look new again.

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  • Painting

    Painting N' Remodeling LLC

    (1 reviews)

    We take pride in our work with new supplies and straight lines. We don't try to rush through each job like most painting companies do. We make sure we get it done right and look the best. We do mostly interiors in the winter season but willing to do exteriors if weather is permitting. We also do computer work and set up home entertainment systems and networks to provide the best Internet experience for your gaming and media players, such as Netflix, Hulu, ect.

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  • Cleaning Services

    J.D.C All Natural Cleaning

    Any one can clean a house. Only at J.D.C All Natural Cleaning will you get your house cleaned with 100% Organic, All Natural, NON-TOXIC cleaners. A clean where you can literally eat off the floor and not worry about ANY THING. I mean Nothing, not germs, mildew, no Chemicals what so ever. Because lets face it, baby's and toddlers do at times literally eat off the floor. I mean My youngest son used to think everything had to attempt the "Five Second" Rule. My favorite part of my job is watching some one go from a totally TOXIC lifestyle, to a totally NON TOXIC lifestyle, by simply switching what they use to clean there homes with. To products I could walk in to ANY home, and simply by looking in the kitchen cabinets and make right there on site. Well, that and making the cleaning products I use my self and testing them on my home.

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  • Interior and Exterior House Painting

    Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson offers interior and exterior house painting, masonry services, wallpapering, concrete sawing, patio cover installation, and more. He specializes in home repairs and restoration.

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  • Handyman

    B-G Services

    Hire Bruce Gentry to handle your paint jobs if you want courteous and on-time service. He works by bid or at an hourly rate. He also does home repairs, carpentry, plumbing and more.

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  • Home Remodeling Contractor & More

    D&L Enterprise LLC

    We are a small residential contractor with 27 years of experience in the trade. We have been in business for 16 years, have low overhead, with 4 years of carpentry schooling, and doing our best to give our clients the most value for their money. We are involved in all aspects of home construction, specializing in kitchen remodeling, basement development, home additions, custom decks, and home window replacement.

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  • Roofing & Constructions Services

    Mendenhall Roofing and Construction

    Attention to detail! There is no overlooking the little details that make a home stand out. From the little things like snapping chalking lines, and making sure things are level, we don't miss or overlook any steps in the process! I love seeing the finished product at the end of the job. Whether that is a new home, or a home update, I love seeing what I've built, and having a sense of accomplishment.

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  • Residential Painting

    Gary's Remodeling & Tile

    Gary Foltz is one of the best painters who also specialize in kitchen renovation, window installation, handyman work, tiling, and more. He is a master craftsman, remodeler and tile specialist as well.

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  • Decorative Painting Services

    Black Mountain Company

    This company provides decorative painting services for your interior painters needs, either for your plasters or for your coatings. Check out your murals if they need some faux painting treatments.

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  • Professional Painting Contractors

    Landis Painting, Inc.

    These experienced and professional painters have been providing reliable and quality painting services in a courteous and timely manner. Let them help you keep your property in top condition.

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  • Painting & Staining Services

    A&B Painting Monana

    If it's time to update the look of your home or office, get interior and exterior painting services from A&B Painting Monana. They provide quality craftsmanship and free painting estimates.

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  • Custom Painting Services

    Tony's Custom Painting

    If residential and commercial painters are who you need, this company has them. They offer custom painting services for all types of projects.

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  • Painter Contractor

    Grovom Painting

    Nathan Grovom is among the residential and commercial painting contractors who is licensed and insured. This provider offers exterior and interior painting services.

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  • Painting & Landscaping

    Wright Irrigation & Landscape Development

    Check out Eric Wright for general handyman work such as exterior and interior house painting, plumbing repairs and more. Aside from these, he also does landscaping, hardscaping and irrigation repairs.

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  • Painting, Mowing & More

    Advent Cleaning & Restoration LLP

    This company provides painting services. They also offer water damage restoration, carpet and floor cleaning, drywall repair, lawn mowing, sod installation, and more.

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  • Pro Painting Services

    TB Construction and Handyman Services, LLC

    Terry Betschart is a professional handyman who offers quality pro painting solutions. He also does a variety of jobs including home remodeling, tile installation, texture removal and more.

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  • Painting & Handyman Services

    Handy Mike W

    Mike Walter is among the home painters who has affordable rates. He also does other handyman works, including waterfall construction, deck, and window installation, and more.

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  • Missoula Painting Contractor

    Picasso Bros. Painting Co.

    Need interior and exterior custom painting with a 2-year warranty and award-winning customer service? Picasso Bros. Painting Co. also provides drywall taping, texturing and repair.

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