How much does an interior painter cost?

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The average cost for an interior painter is $470. You are likely to spend between $180 and $1,230 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Interior painters prep, prime and paint the walls, ceilings, window frames, doors and trim in private homes, offices, multiunit buildings and commercial spaces. A variety of factors affect the total cost of interior painting.

Square footage

The square footage of the wallspace to be painted affects cost more than anything else. This number indicates how many gallons of paint are needed and the approximate amount of time a project will take. Bishop Painting of Westchester uses a laser to measure each room, subtracting out the size of the doors and windows, and then bases the quote on the square footage of the actual surfaces to be painted.

Number of rooms

Typically, the more rooms to be painted, the higher the overall cost. However, some painters will lower the overall cost per room as the number of rooms to be painted increases. So completely repainting a home’s interior may be more affordable than repainting rooms one at a time over a longer period of time.

Pricing system

For the most part, interior painters calculate costs based on square footage to be painted. Ceiling height also plays a role in cost. Here’s an example of approximate costs, provided by Macon Painting:

  • 12x12 room with a 9-foot ceiling: ~$125

  • 12x12 room with an 8-foot ceiling: ~$100

  • 14x16 master bedroom with a 9-foot ceiling: ~ $150

  • 14x16 master bedroom with an 8-foot ceiling: ~ $125

  • 16x16 living room with a 9-foot ceiling: ~ $175

  • 16x16 living room with a 20-foot ceiling: starting at $225

Amount of paint

Higher quality paint, luxury brand paint, paint with more pigmentation and eco-friendly paint may all cost more to the painter and will affect the total cost of an interior paint job. Gallons of paint average between $20 and $50, with a standard-size room requiring two gallons of paint and a smaller (bathroom-size) room often sufficient with one.

Wall Texture

Textured walls require more paint for adequate coverage. Texturing may be pre-existing raised texture formed with joint compound. Clients can also request new texture to be applied by the painter through specialized painting techniques.

Detail work

Baseboards, casings, crown moldings, wainscotting and rails all require extra time, which in turn will increase interior painting costs. Additional tape, contrast or matching paint, and materials are all needed to paint trim. Steve Macon of Macon Painting approximates detail costs:

  • Baseboard and trim: 50 cents per linear foot

  • Doors: $20–$25

  • Door jambs: $15

Repair work

Many interior painters offer small drywall and baseboard repair services in addition to painting. Any additional labor and materials used will increase the overall cost.


Travel time, cost of gas and other factors will all affect the cost of interior painting.

Cost-saving strategies

You can take care of some details beforehand so everything is ready when the painters arrive. If painters have to remove electrical outlet covers and light fixtures, that extra time gets billed to you. Move large furniture to the center of the room, and cover everything you don’t want paint-splattered.

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