Coco & The Boys Karaoke w/ Live Acoustic Sides

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We offer the best karaoke show in town. We do straight DJ too. If your guests are just too shy! We provide full lighting, great song selection and an awesome system. We use floor monitors so singers can HEAR themselves, we interact with your guests. What is live acoustic sides you ask? We bring an acoustic guitar and your "wanna be musician stars" can play their own shows! And, we have a band that comes in for 30 min live sets in front of karaoke or DJ shows when we do long nights (small upcharge to cover band's expenses) the band is iris and they are about to be signed by a major label and they are awesome and bring a crowd of 20-70 people depending on how much notice we have. It's a blast and we have a keyboard we often bring too for those really long 5 hour karaoke nights! Hilarious "signature" contests and games you won't see anywhere else. We design our show around what you want. We build your business and keep people wanting to come back to your club. Parties? Yes, we do 'em. Start when you want and finish when the party's over - no "extra hourly" charges - a party is a party, one price. Call Coco today and build your event, club gig or party. Call for email address. Coming to Facebook soon as Coco & the Boys Karaoke. All days open except Fridays. We do single events, weekly or every other week. monthly gigs don't work for anyone, but hey, we'll try anything! Rates are between $150 -$250 depending on your show Again, you won't find a show like ours, there is karaoke and then there is Coco and the Boys Karaoke. We have taken $200 nights and turned them into $1500 nights!


Matthews, NC 28105

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