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Far Rockaway Marriage Counselors

Browse these marriage counselors with great ratings from Thumbtack customers in Far Rockaway, NY.

  • 7 years in business
  • 235 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 6 min

Thumbtack Customer

Verified review

I came to Vladamire initially to work out my marriage issues and felt an instant connection with her as she was warm, open, and quick in understanding the issues. I think she is more than a marriage counselor, she has been there for me when I was at my lowest point and separating from my husband - she called, texted and went above and beyond what I think other therapists would do. She cares about her clients and not only helps to analyze the issues but focuses on solutions, ways in which we can heal ourselves. I would have never reached the point that I am at now which is a healthier view of my relationships and the most important relationship of all - with myself! I am grateful that I met this amazing woman and hope that others will benefit from her wisdom. I highly recommend Vladamire to those that wish to not only heal themselves of whatever pain they are going through but to discover themselves and their gifts to the world in the process.

Tracy C.

Verified review

It's funny how life operates. My initial reason for reaching out to Vladimire was for life coaching and in the end I ended going for marriage counseling. I loved her unbiased opinion and overall her energy. Lovely person to be around and her insights were extremely helpful so far. My husband and I are a long way away from recovery, but I have faith that we can turn around all the negative that has happened in the past.

Markisha S.

Verified review

Me and my husband came to Val for marriage counseling. Her approach to the sessions was to hear us out and help us go deeper and beyond the robotic responses to situations. Her belief and encouragement in the success of my marriage helped me to see beyond my hurt and to see the bigger picture. Also, Val spiritual guidance help me to trust God in my marriage and recognize there is a purpose for everything.

  • 305 hires on Thumbtack
  • New York, NY

April W.

Verified review

Joan Warren is the best couples counselor. She helps us to stay curious about each other and to recognize the meaning (baggage) we attach to miscommunications and fights. She shows us how to navigate the rough waters by gently guiding us back to the fundamentals. She has resurrected our love. We came to her with big challenges and we are now engaged to be married. (What more do you need to say!?). She has saved our relationship and more than that, she has given me great confidence that my fiancé and I are going to grow ever closer in love as we learn more about each other and ourselves. Joan is full of insight. She is fair. She is wise. She always has the big picture in mind. She will teach you practical techniques and big picture concepts to keep in mind. She has really opened up my approach to handling people in general! She's the best!

Robyn M.

Verified review

Joan has a great approach to marital counseling which focused us on a problem solving mode that was proactive. She is a great listener and very empathetic. We have enjoyed working with her very much.

Patricia P.

Verified review

My husband and I started marriage counseling and are making progress in a very short amount of time. She is very good.

  • 38 years in business
  • 118 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 2 hours

Vince C.

Verified review

Mike Callahan was wonderful in performing our marriage. He is a caring person whose presence as officiant truly helped make our wedding very special. He listened. to our suggestions and incorporated a simple and meaningful service. Anvit and I were very blessed to have Michael at our wedding,

Erika R.

Verified review

Reverend Michael was wonderful. We had a delay on our flight and we did not arrive on time to pick up our marriage license. He us advise on having the 24 hr hold removed, but in case we couldn't get the hold removed. He was willing to be flexible with the schedule.

Steven R.

Verified review

Rev Callahan made everyone feel at ease. Ours was a same sex marriage . He was relaxed, very sincere And in general created the atmosphere to make this a special and Memorable day.

  • 64 hires on Thumbtack
  • Freeport, NY

Brigitte G.

Verified review

Reverend Williams went above and beyond as our wedding officiant. He met with us prior to our wedding several times to discuss details of the wedding day and he provided pre-marital counseling. He shared his years of marital wisdom and insight and as a result, my fiancé and I were well informed and prepared for our big day and life together. He performed a beautiful Christian ceremony just as we had envisioned. I highly recommend Rev Williams; he did an amazing job!

Angela S.

Verified review

Rev Williams was responsive from beginning. It was a short notice I got him at last moment. However make sure to point out the importance of premarital counseling. Counseling was short and informative. Easy to talk with. I was late he was so patients and understanding. He carry a very warm and smiled countenance which make the ceremony beautiful. Thanks again Rev Williams

Brandi B.

Verified review

Very kind and has an awesome godly personality. I would recommend him to anyone. Loved that he offers marriage counseling services as well.

  • 24 years in business
  • 51 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 9 hours

Sophia K.

Verified review

Seeing Dr. Fekete has been nothing short of transformative. I came in thinking my weight issues were all about will power and feared a therapist would either judge me harshly or conversely, dismiss my responsibility entirely (there, there, overeating is not your fault). But, I found Dr. Fekete's personality so warm and friendly... so approachable, that my concerns just evaporated. Instead of judging me, she opened up a safe space for me to see how I judged and defeated myself. And, instead of pandering to my sense of hopelessness, she helped me formulate concrete steps with realistic and sustainable goals. Actually, her support allowed me formulate my own plan, giving me full ownership of the process. I'm now able to notice and let go of the inner turmoil experienced every time I'd sit down for a meal (or remain standing and eat fast so it wouldn't count). This experience has been so empowering!!! I came for help with weight loss but came away with so much more. Being treated like an adult in a safe and judgement-free environment has helped me feel like a competent adult rather than a helpless child. I'm also eating better and losing weight... slow and steady.

Thumbtack Customer

Verified review

Having met Dr. Anna is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I had been in therapy for over a decade with various counselors, but now I know the difference between a therapist and a Therapist. She is warm, compassionate and creative, no two sessions are the same, and she seems to have an incredible repertoire of techniques at her disposal. She is always goal-oriented, makes sure that results are really happening, and always explains everything so clearly as you have never heard and never understood before. She has the greatest sense of humor, her academic knowledge is amazing, and her fine-tuned sensitivity boarders on the mystical. Yet she is always funny, down to earth, and real. I've never laughed so much in therapy sessions before! :-) I am so grateful, ... because I am finally discovering what "free" and "happy" really mean!

Saraswati T.

Verified review

She is a very good therapist. She always responded promptly to phone calls/text messages and was very flexible with appointment times and dates. She was also available to do sessions over Skype. All this was very useful in my care as I was a busy attorney dealing with serious mental health issues. Her rates became too high for me as I had to stop working but before that she did try to work with me and offer a reduced fee. Overall, great experience and I would recommend her to others.

  • 9 years in business
  • 126 hires on Thumbtack
  • Massapequa, NY

Daniel F.

Verified review

Tom has shown that he genuinely cares about how, when, and if I progress. He is invested in whether I actually achieve breakthroughs toward my personal success. Considering that my goals are so immense: to metamorphosize an ashamed, unhappy, ineffective, & lonely guy, with limited professional influence, into a proud, happy, effective, socially fulfilled, & profoundly influential version of myself, it would have been easy for him to give up on me. Even though I'm confident many life coaches in his position would have terminated our relationship months ago, dealing with such a high-maintenance client as myself - expressing to him hundreds of suggestions / criticisms / requests, expecting a personalized experience that caters to my individual needs, and offering frequent pessimism or guarded skepticism at best - he has been patient, flexible, & determined to support my progress. It has been several months since Tom started coaching me, and I have consciously delayed writing a review until I might have a sense not just that he cares and won't give up (after all, that's part of the job description), but that he will actually help me transform myself, in ways that countless others haven't. I have worked with therapist after therapist for years & years, undergone treatment with psychiatrists, hired dozens of countless project collaborators and personal assistants, and tried more times than I can remember to count on the support of family and friends in order to help me make the steady progress needed to break out of a deep debilitating personal rut that has lasted for decades. All of the above have been unsuccessful. I naturally wasn't expecting Tom to be any different. But I gave him a shot, deciding that I deserved a chance for renewed hope. I almost gave up on him and on myself, but he didn't give up on either. And finally, after months of 'blood, sweat, and tears,' I have come to believe there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I'm beginning to make steady transformative progress, and I'm looking forward to the journey that lies ahead. Prerequisites for success: I have to be patient, make a few reasonable leaps of faith, and make an investment in my future, emotionally and financially. I also have to be an active participant and be willing to gradually take the reins myself. I finally have to accept his limitations, while recognizing and counting on his strengths. His limitations: Tom is not a miracle worker, and in comparison to others I've worked with, he's not the most charismatic, inspiring, eloquent, forward, original, perceptive, intellectual, tech-savvy, exciting, or assertive. But his STRENGTHS far outweigh these limitations: He is persistent in his efforts. He is determined to be an ally on the road to victory, offering extra support when needed, never conceding defeat. He is compassionate, showing empathy for my experiences & struggles, frustrations and pain, & and my initial often-pessimistic attitude. He is patient, and will put in the time to understand, listen, and reevaluate / regroup when necessary. He is humble and modest, not expecting recognition, praise, notoriety, credit, or gratitude for going above and beyond. He is affordable, & ends up charging far less money than he could for his time, and far less than any of the other life coaches I considered, let alone being a mere fraction of the cost of a therapist or psychiatrist! He is respectful, as a friend would be, but sensitive & honors any boundaries I set. He never speaks down to me. He is honest, and when requested, very candid about what he thinks needs improvement, more, focus, or a shift in perception. He doesn’t rub me the wrong way as a salesman might, as though I’m a source of income, but always treats me like a person who deserves to achieve his dreams. He is passionate about helping people. He works very hard, often going above and beyond what others would do, putting his clients ahead of his personal life. He is fair, respects agreements, honors his word, readily forgives, and shows lenience. He is creative, willing to try to approach problems from new perspectives and angles. He is open-minded, willing to work with approaches and systems he’s unfamiliar with that I know are likely to be effective. He is trusting, and gives me the benefit of the doubt, while also helping me to become more accountable. He is reliable, and I have been able to count on him in ways I couldn’t count on therapists, employees, mentors, friends, & family. His system of "open access" helps me throughout the week, and this unique system of coaching has been the key to my success, helping me beat procrastination and not lose sight of my goals. He is flexible, & accommodates limitations, changes, and conflicts with my schedule, deficiencies in my attitude, and treats my perceived failures like learning opportunities to take a new, more promising approach. He is resilient, and puts up with much more than necessary for someone in his position, and never complained once to me about it. Finally, he is kind, complimentary, and friendly. He's like that 'conscience on your shoulder.' I would recommend him to anyone who is considering hiring a life coach, or to anyone who has unfulfilled dreams they know they deserve to and could achieve, but haven't. Thank you, Tom, for your efforts, and quality work :)

Melinda T.

Verified review

Our marriage was in trouble We could not get past things from the past and as hard as we tried to communicate it always became a fight. Once we brought Tom into the mix he created a very comforting unique approach. He was able to get my husband to open up as well as myself and real communication started to happen. Excellent job we can't say enough

Linda F.

Verified review

Tom is doing an excellent job for my son.I havea relationship with my son again.

  • 13 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 12 hours
  • Nyack, NY

Vinny M.

Verified review

Therapy with Alison worked for us. It took awhile. There were a few months when nothing seemed to be changing. My wife and I were having the same fights, stuck the same way. I wanted to quit, but my wife insisted and I'm glad she did. Things started to click. The same things Alison had been pointing out to us suddenly made sense at a different level. Maybe we just needed to hear it over and over, or maybe the sessions we were doing got us ready, but suddenly we were able to change. Alison had been assigning us homework, but we rarely did it. When we started doing the homework, our marriage got better faster. But Alison never judged us when we didn't do it. She was always patient. She also saw both sides and helped us look at things instead of blaming one person, as a "dance" we get stuck in.

Ken S.

Verified review

Alison has helped me already. My life isn't perfect. My marriage isn't perfect, in fact sometimes it's still strained, but we're moving forward and it hasn't been long. I understand myself better, and my wife. Alison is able to see things without being judgmental. She never insists I do things a certain way, just makes suggestions and guides me. I feel much more hopeful and positive thanks to Alison.

Maria M.

Verified review

Alison helped me much more than other counselors I've tried. She's insightful and perceptive and helped me see things differently and understand how I can change relationships even if the other person isn't willing to. Alison returned all my calls promptly, was professional, and punctual. Bust most important is the way she helped me.

  • 3 years in business
  • 25 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 3 hours

Lorenzo W.

Verified review

I set my son up for sessions with Lisa. He feels she is helping him figure out certain issues he struggles with. She has definitely proved helpful and he will continue his sessions with her.

Thomas R.

Verified review

Lisa made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I feel much better after my first meeting with her. I am confident that I will continue improving myself.

Shoshana G.

Verified review

Marriage counseling; very accommodating, felt very comfortable with her and she gave wonderful advice.

  • 16 years in business
  • 18 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 37 min

Thomas F.

Verified review

Ed has been really patient and good about giving us tools, as a couple trying to save our marriage, to help us communicate more. It's been a slow and gradual process but he is really easy to open up to and I always feel better after one of our sessions.

Nia M.

Verified review

Thank you Ed for helping my husband and I see through a difficult time in our marriage. You were one of the best counselors we have visited. Thank you!!!

Julia M.

Verified review

Ed is a wonderful therapist. Easy to talk to and a great listener. Highly recommended.

  • 10 years in business
  • 8 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 3 min


Verified review

We had our first session and already Mr. Gause has facilitated hope for my marriage. I know that it's going to be a long process but we are determined to make it work. Looking forward to more sessions that would bring healing to our marriage.

Deborah J.

Verified review

Very encouraging. Warm and professional. I recommend his services to couples facing challenges in their relationships. D. J.

MaryBeth L.

Verified review

He met with my husband and I for marriage counselling. Was prompt, kind, good listener.

  • 11 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 13 hours
  • East Orange, NJ

Regina R.

Verified review

Bishop Parrott has been a blessing from the day I met him. I lost a loved one and he gave spiritual and grief counsel. Every session that I attended was phenomenal! I would recommend Bishop Parrott as a spiritual counselor as well as a leader to those which are lost...

Serryrona D.

Verified review

Bishop Parrott is a professional he was very caring and polite he answered my calls promptly and was always available for any questions I needed answered. Very good Wedding Officiant really love and appreciate him and will recommend him to anyone seeking his services.

Carlene B.

Verified review

Bishop Parrott did an outstanding job officiating my wedding. He was supportive and very professional.Thank you

  • 1 year in business
  • 6 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 14 hours

Robert R.

Verified review

Greg was great, made our wedding special. He made my wife feel comfortable because English isn't her 1st language and she was nervous about repeating his words in front of everyone but he understood and spoke slowly and clearly, was really a nice guy and wrote a great short speech for us like we wanted

Anthony M.

Verified review

We told Greg what we wanted and he sent us a proposal that included everything.

Kayleigh T.

Verified review

Truly the most memorable part of our wedding.

  • 4 hires on Thumbtack
  • Brooklyn, NY

Marsha B.

Verified review

Tina Kahn has been my therapist for many years. Just a few words and phrases to describe her as an individual therapist, group therapist and human being : empathic, kind, wise, interactive, passionate about helping her patients, well informed about a number of techniques to help reach your goals. Tina truly cares about you, and makes you feel that she is interested in you and your welfare. She has helped me to have compassion for myself while I grow as a person, and improve my relationship with my husband and my children. I am grateful.

Sh X.

Verified review

As a counseling practioner, I use discretion when selecting my own therapist and marriage counselor. Tina quickly picks up the pulse of each individual as well as the dynamic between them. Her incisive and insightful comments are offered judiciously. She maintains high standards of integrity viz. HIPAA. Her availability is flexible for working couples. She balances being a caring person and professional. I highly recommend her for couples and individual therapy based on my experience with her in both areas. S.

Nancy Y.

Verified review

Life throws curve balls. That's how life is. We've been lucky enough to have Tina Kahn as our insightful and empathetic coach and therapist to help guide us through the 'curviest pitches.' She's a great listener, and offers truly helpful and practical advice. Could we muddle through without her? Maybe... but why should we settle for muddling, when we can be guided toward more productive and satisfying relationships? That's what Tina Kahn has done for us and we will always be grateful to her.

  • 39 years in business
  • 11 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 7 hours

Melissa K.

Verified review

Review of Alice Katz’s Psychotherapy Services Alice Katz has skills which are exceptional. She is extremely intuitive and insightful. She listens and provides constructive feedback to the client. Additionally, she is highly effective in helping the client to become more attuned to their own actions and feelings. She empowers the individual to be able to resolve issues that are standing in their way. Anyone who is fortunate to see Alice for help will reap the benefits of a happier life. Melissa

Emerson A.

Verified review

Alice is a very perceptive counselor who can zero in on what is relevant, and do it in a way that is not threatening or annoying even though the subjects are personally difficult. I would seek her assistance in the future.

Diane P.

Verified review

Alice Katz represents her profession by living it. She has practiced in CT for many years and has touched many Westport and Fairfield residents' lives with her expertise and intelligence.

  • Malverne, NY

Melissa R.

Verified review

The Bridge Church is our Home away from Home! Pastor Christine is/has been a lifeline for me and my family and has helped "Bridge" us to each other and to God. We have known her since the day we stepped foot into The Bridge; from then she has provided tremendous spiritual guidance and support for my whole family. We love her and consider her family forever.

Michele G.

Verified review

Pastor Christine provided marriage counseling and the right tools to communicate with my spouse and conflict resolution. We worked on how I can be understanding more of my spouse feelings and expectations. I have recommended her to friends of mine who are going through counseling now.

  • 2 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 2 min
  • Oakhurst, NJ

Thumbtack Customer

Verified review

We had a very productive meeting

  • New York, NY


I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience and training, and have helped hundreds of clients, both individuals and couples. I have trained in many therapeutic models, including some that involve psyche, body, energy, emotion, attachment, addictions, trauma and relationships.

  • Brooklyn, NY


Many people seek therapy to improve the quality of their experiences. Whether you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, increase communication with a partner or loved one or develop successful strategies to focus on healing, the right therapist can provide the necessary tools for building strong relationships. My style of treatment is guided by the philosophy that people are the architects of their own happiness. Together, we can break down false belief systems and design a world focused on fulfillment. My specialties revolve around marriage and family therapy, including relationship issues and sex therapy, for which I have received professional training to provide counseling for sexual dysfunctions. Additionally, my experience in life coaching includes working as a counselor in higher education, creating strategies for success through goal setting, encouragement, and accountability.


My name is Tamar, and I will be your marriage counselor. What God has put in place let no man come to ruin it.


We provide couples with skills to improve the quality of their relationship and resolve conflict effectively.


Most couples appreciate that I am active in the session and do not let them sit and fight. I give immediate empathic feedback about what I perceive keeps the couple stuck. I begin to help them identify the repetitive dances that continue to cause them to fall into the hole of hurt feelings and the pain that leads to withdrawal. In the session, I invite them to participate in specific new kinds of interaction that help them to feel heard, validated and cared. I help each partner to voice a deeper level of yearning rather than just expressing anger and frustration. I emphasize the need to allocate quality time to help them rekindle the joy of being together.

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