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Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does dog training typically cost?

The average cost of dog training ranges from $60 to $155 per hour. But, your dog’s training might cost more or less depending on a number of different factors. For example, you might pay less if you schedule group classes instead of private instruction. The type of training (aggressive behavior, basic obedience, off-leash training, etc.) could have different prices as well. 

Get an exact cost estimate by contacting several dog trainers near you

Learn more about dog training cost factors.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a dog trainer during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Utilize as many digital means as necessary when setting up appointments or consultations with dog trainers near you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the best way to begin is by conducting a search for dog trainers online. Compare services side by side, and ask each dog trainer you contact if it’s possible to schedule a consultation or appointment completely virtually. During this time, you should also discuss strategies for completing training and payments through digital means.

Are there ways to be safe if I hire a dog trainer when social distancing?

Current CDC guidelines state, “Do not let pets interact with people or animals outside the household.” It also explains that more studies are needed to understand if and how animals could be affected by the virus that causes COVID-19 and how this might affect human health.

If you’re uncomfortable with hiring a dog trainer right now, you can reach out to dog trainers in your area to see if they will let you book an appointment in the future when social distancing guidelines are lifted. Or, ask if they offer virtual or remote services.

If you do decide to hire a pro to train your dog in person, limit any physical contact with the trainer. Stay 6 feet apart, sanitize items and surfaces, and use digital payments instead of cash or a check.   

Is dog training worth the money?

Dog training can be a highly rewarding investment for most dog owners. With dog training, you can establish a better, healthier relationship with your dog, who will learn to understand your commands and wishes. Your frustration levels may decrease, and you might be able to resume activities you’ve put off, such as having people over or taking your dog to public places (though, this is hard to guarantee because each dog is unique). 

Just remember that no amount of dog training will pay off if you don’t practice and follow the directions the dog trainer gives you. Consistency is the most important factor.

Is it ever too late to start training a dog?

It’s never too late to train your dog — “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a myth. Whether you adopt an older dog from the shelter or simply want to have a better relationship with your elderly dog, hiring a dog trainer can be a good investment.

What do professional dog trainers do?

Dog trainers can perform a range of activities, ranging from training law enforcement dogs to working with therapy dogs or search-and-rescue dogs. However, most people hire dog trainers for obedience training. This is largely a process of training the human — much of how a dog interprets our behaviors, commands, tone and body language is counterintuitive at first. The trainer will typically come to your home to observe your relationship with your dog, teach you how to train a command and give you guidance for reinforcing it.

Can I use digital payments to pay for dog training?

Many professional dog trainers accept digital payments instead of cash or check. One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is encouraging companies and services to onboard digital platforms like PayPal, Zelle, Google Pay, Venmo and Square Cash as a means of curbing virus transmission risk.

When you contact dog trainers near you, ask if they’ll accept digital payments. This information is also typically available on their online profiles.

Do dog trainers offer remote or virtual services?

Although dog training is traditionally performed in person, the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused some professional dog trainers to move to remote training and virtual services. You can contact dog trainers near you to ask about the possibility of remote or virtual services. Also, ask whether all aspects of the process can be digital, including payment.

How can I find out if a dog trainer is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

Guidelines on essential services are constantly being updated by local and federal government agencies. To see which services qualify as essential COVID-19 service providers, start with your city or state’s government website.

A reliable list of federal guidelines is available on CISA’s Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19 webpage. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure.  .

Does a dog trainer need to enter my home?

Depending on the type of dog training you need, a dog trainer may need to enter your home. Many behaviors that need to be corrected are associated with the dog being in the house. However, some types of training can take place virtually or even outside while observing safe social distancing practices.

Start by asking dog trainers in your area if they’ll perform a video consultation instead of an in-person one, and ask if they need to enter your home.

Reviews for Lackawanna dog trainers
Kristina S.
Danielle was very knowledgeable about dogs and training. She had a good understanding of why our dog was acting the way he was. Definitely recommend!
Jumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sittingJumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sitting
Nanette P.
Danielle is wonderful!! She is very knowledgeable and has suggestions/answers to any issues you may be having with your dog. My dog in particular needed training in developing manners. My dog was jumping, nipping and chewing on things in our house. Danielle was very patient in training her. She offered us suggestions on keeping our dog busy to distract her from chewing on things in our house. Danielle's training helped us learn ways to control her behaviors. I highly recommend Danielle. Our dog's behavior has really improved. It's nice to know that Danielle is available for refresher lessons if needed in the future!
Jumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sittingJumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sitting
Thumbtack Customer
kathleen was very patient with me and my 2 dogs. she took her time working with the dogs and answered all my questions. she is an excellent trainer and i would recommed her to any one that has problems with there dogs.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Erika M.
Our dog Duke responded very well to Kathy. He learned a lot and we look forward to continue training with her. She makes us feel more comfortable with training as well.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Colleen K.
Kathleen was wonderful with our dog Buddy, who has separation anxiety and resource guarding issues. She gave us many helpful tips, and we are going to enroll our dog into her training class.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Linda H.
Kathy listened to our concerns and performed training demonstrations. She was so personable and our dogs loved her! Looking forward to continued sessions!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Jeanie H.
Kathy was excellent. Within minutes, truly, she had our 5 year old aggressively barking dog under control. It was remarkable. She met us at our house. We walked our dog by dogs that our dog loves to bark at when we go by. We actually used these dogs as set ups for training. We also drove around in our car( another spot our dog likes to bark) quickly she showed us how to control this too.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Christen K.
Extremely impressed with Kathleen's knowledge and experience. Kathleen immediately gained a relationship with my dogs, she has a strong presence and demanded respect from the dogs right away. Her love for dogs is evident. I've worked with other dog trainers previously and she is at the top of her class. I very much enjoyed meeting her and looking forward to our next visit!! ♡ Happy and Hopeful
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Gina P.
Asha was amazing. I have 2 Aussies who are HIGHLY energetic and after just one training session she helped my dogs regain their focus on me. She sent me a detailed description of training tips and a review of our first visit, which was incredibly helpful. I feel my bond with my dogs is back! We all thank you so much! :))
Ruffalo DogsRuffalo Dogs
Maryjo L.
Kathy has changed our lives in ONE visit! I have two dogs, one would go crazy every time she saw a dog while walking, which got the other going as well. They were difficult for me to control, basically terrorizing the neighborhood and me. We gathered the other difficult dogs in my neighborhood and actually did a pack walk. Four dogs walking around the block TOGETHER!!!! I was in shock. I continue to reinforce our training and now it is a pleasure to walk them. Other dog owners don't turn and walk the other way when they see us, truly a game changer. Life is good! Kathy came the next day after contacting her. So calm, professional and knowledgeable. She not only trained for us she helped my neighbors with their dogs. She is the absolute best!!!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Courtney J.
It was very enjoyable to work with Kathleen. She is an excellent resource on so many aspects of dog training. She was very patient with her time, and she gave great feedback. More specifically, we worked on my dog’s reactivity on a leash while out on walks and barking out the window at people walking by/other dogs. I am very excited to work more with my dog, and I would recommend Kathleen to any dog owner who feels sometimes overwhelmed and wants help.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Thumbtack Customer
I can't say enough about Kathy. She was fantastic with Jenny. It's hard to believe that you can train a dog the way she did in just two weeks. Our once crazy girl is now a sweet, very well behaved girl :). She gave us all the tools that we need to continue our training. We are so grateful to her. I highly recommend Kathy not only as wonderful trainer but also as a very, caring, kind person.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Michele N.
The service was better than I expected. Kathy was able to accomplish everything we discussed and is now providing the support I need. I feel confident that this will be a success! It's great to have a well trained dog that I will enjoy and be proud of, thanks!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
John A.
A true professional Peanut our jackabee has become much more relaxed with other dogs,she was an abused stray. Peanut had major trust issues and we continue to work with her.We are blessed to have Kathleen Galbraith training,she is the Best
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Sandy M.
Kathy is a great trainer her presence was wonderful my dog seem to take kind to her she taught them to walk on leash without pulling me and taught me things too teach them so they will not jump when people walk through my door I can't say enough kind words about her she's wonderful very friendly we had wonderful conversations about dog training things you should and shouldn't do she gave me great tips I definitely will be calling her again thank you Kathy Sandy
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Thumbtack Customer
Kathy trained my 4 year old Bichon to stop barking when new people come over or people walk in front of the house. Then she taught everyone on the family to do the same. She was great, the dog learned quickly and so did the humans!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Michelle S.
We have only had 1 class already and I see improvement in his behavior. Danielle is really great with me and my puppy! She is very knowledgeable and patient. Having Danielle on my team is the best thing I have done. I ediecislkg like that she makes an individualized training program for each dog. She gets that every dog and human are different and she's willing to think ouside of the box in terms of how to "teach" my puppy to get the desired behavior. Thanks Danielle!
Jumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sittingJumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sitting
Jordan S.
I rarely write reviews, but I am so incredibly pleased with my experience with Kathleen that I couldn't help but to write one now. We thought our dog was hopelessly untrainable, breaking her out of her intense leash reactivity and strong tendency to bark at dogs and guests at the door seemed impossible. She would pull hard on her leash, bark loudly and uncontrollably, and walks were incredibly stressful. It's now been 3 days since Kathleen came to our aid, and it's almost like magic how in such a short time my dog has become what I would describe as a polite and well behaved dog. We will continue to reinforce the good behavior, but man did we get results. I can't think of the last professional I hired that was as "worth it" as Kathleen. Would recommend Kathleen to anyone and everyone with a dog whose owners need some training assistance. She knows her stuff.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Thumbtack Customer
Kathleen was immediately able to recognize, that the recent changes in my apartment were why my dog was potentially having issues. She provided me with useful tips and new dog training tools to get my dog back to where I know she can be, and even better. I am so thankful to Kathy for all she's done for us, and for constantly checking in on our progress. You can tell she gets invested in each client and really wants to help. I am so thankful for everything she taught us and all t he progress we've made so far. She's wonderful and I would recommend her to EVERYONE!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Patti S.
“KATHY IS THE DOG WHISPERER” She has done the impossible in my eyes. Might be lengthy to read but if you’re struggling with your dog it’s worth reading. I was at the end of my rope with our 18 month husky. She was tearing up the house, mischievous, chewed threw 2 crate bottoms and would slam into her crate until the bars bent. I did basic puppy training, then play and train at another place, one on one, etc and nothing worked the second we got home it was miserable. It was the point my husband was stressed, I was complaining the dog was his idea, and our 9 year old who we got her for had nothing to do with her. I even looked into spending $3,000 for boarding school hoping I get a tolerable dog back, reading an article that explains a dog can learn there but may not do the same in their own environment made me realize it’s going to be more of the same as I did in training class. Good there, pain in the a$$ at home. My last attempt was finding someone to come to the house and help me. I found Kathy and she asked me if I can give 15 minutes a few times a day to train and recommended 4 seasons with her. In in only 2 I have a new dog. One that I not only love, I like her! She’s exhausted by the end of the day because she’s worked so hard at being good for me. I don’t have to hide all the sofa pillows, I don’t have to have her crated when I fold laundry because she would tear it up, I literally had weights and a leash in the front room to try and contain her from running wild and tearing the house up. She is walking around very nice now and anytime she thinks about doing something I tell her to go to her “place” and she does. Immediately. I still have 2 more trainings with Kathy but I wanted to share this because it’s unbelievable how much she has impacted our every day life, not only reducing but eliminating the stress of a misbehaving dog who “owned me” has been the best Christmas gift ever! I am more than happy to share more of my crazy “dog gone good” with anyone, but hire Kathy 1 time and see how much she helps, you will get excited for the 2nd, and be writing long reviews in awe of her help before your 3rd training. I’m so grateful and love my little girl so much it’s so nice to actually like her again! Photos of holes she tore up in my 1 year old carpet, 1 was after she ate threw the crates, one was just because that’s what she does, pillows, blankets, you name it. The next two are her sitting nicely on command, NOT getting a treat, and the other is her going to her “place” on command. It’s unbelievable how well she behaves!! #miracleworker
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Thumbtack Customer
I am very satisfied with the training I received from Danielle. I needed help with walking my large breed dog, and she taught me how to walk her in a confident and effective manner. She taught me how to use a type of leash called a Gentle Leader. I had to work with my dog (still working) every day using the leash, beginning at a few minutes, and then progressing to a longer amount of time. Merribelle is coming along well. Danielle is very personable and positive. She makes you feel comfortable and treats you and your dog with respect. She has confidence in your ability to be successful, and does not treat you like you did something wrong. She teaches you the methods you need. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their dog. She is also professional. She comes to an appointment on time and stays the duration.
Jumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sittingJumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sitting
Jennifer W.
Kathleen listened to our needs, answered all our questions, and never made us feel like we were clueless. She gave us action items - things to do for our next session so both we and the dog would be ready to move forward in training. She was incredibly knowledgeable and I’m so excited to keep having sessions!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Thumbtack Customer
Our entire session was a huge success. Kathleen was a wealth of knowledge and experience. The tools and advice we were given was spot on and the dog is responding to everything we were told to work on with him. We can actually take him out on walks and it is actually quite relaxing for us. Great Job! We will be calling for more guidance and training when Brody is ready.
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Hunter S.
Kathy was a pleasure to work with! She provided us with ample tools to target resource guarding, barking, and walking issues that we were experiencing with our puppy. She was extremely knowledgeable and kindly answered all of our questions. We saw a great deal of improvement after just one session. We highly recommend Kathy to anyone in need of dog training!
Kathleen Galbraith - K9 TrainingKathleen Galbraith - K9 Training
Thumbtack Customer
Danielle came promptly, asked questions to fill out what we had said about our dog and interviewed us regarding our goals. Her demeanor was professional yet warm and kind. We all took to her immediately! She proceeded to model training for us and then let us practice. Moomoo and my husband and I had fun while learning a lot. She is great!!!!
Jumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sittingJumping Jack's Dog Training + Pet sitting
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