Hernan Brizuela Tango

New York, NY

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If you are on a mission to find a way to start your Argentine tango education, then you are in the perfect place.

Regardless of your level -- regardless if you're considering yourself as beginner or intermediate advanced or if you have never ever danced tango before, but something pulls you in -- we have classes for you!

Hernan is highly praised by his students for his ability to teach something very ephemeral and hard to demonstrate, capture or explain in words -- his ability to teach the connection in tango, true lead and follow.

If you ever wonder how much of movement in tango is actually led, Hernan's answer is very simple: everything. It is up to the leader to decide the direction of the movement, the amount of rotation, placement of follower's feet, size of the step, placement and speed of weight change, depth of the cross, height and type of boleo, speed of the giro, etc. All these and more are in the leader's hands.

The followers? The response to the leader's proposal of movement still belongs to the follower who can interpret how to most creatively use it given the time, impulse and direction to respond to music and emphasize chemistry between partners created during dance. What will most surprise you in those classes is the epiphany of re-discovering your own body and regaining the power over it -- the ability to feel, instead of just letting your body simply fall into the movement. In those classes you will learn the power of vulnerability and the power of trust -- truly liberating.

Are you curious how this is done? Do you want to know how to master those exceptional skills (or "magic powers" as some students call them)? Come to the class! One warning though: miracles do happen, but very rarely. Don't expect immediate transformation. Prepare for weeks and weeks of work. Be consistent: come to every class and do not let yourself miss a minute of it.


New York, NY 10001

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2 Reviews
  • Joanna S. Jul 20, 2014
    Hernan is one of the best teachers in New York Area.
  • Anna C. Jul 7, 2014
    Hernan Brizuela tango classes are a revelation. Hernan and Anita really teach the fundamentals, giving every single person in class individual corrections, pointers, and advice. Hernan shares his passion and excitement for dance while being very encouraging and approachable. If someone says: "I want to dance like you!" Hernan will reply: "No, you don't want to dance like me, you will dance like you!"