Long Island City, NY

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How does your business stand out?

At Fitproactive, we treat each client as they are our only client and we focus on what their short term and long term goals are simultaneously. We are different from any other personal training programs because our primary focus is proper form and making sure that every movement is aligned with the body. We care about giving you the best results, while ensuring that your body's health is never compromised. In addition, FitProActive gives you 24 hour assistance and support. We are in constant communication with all of our clients and want to make sure that you have the emotional and physical support that you need to embark fully in a healthy lifestyle journey.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

We love that we have the ability to influence and perhaps change someone's life. Usually clients come to us to change their outward appearance but it's always more than that. For Fitproactive, fitness and health are about changing every aspect of your life, and that starts with taking care of your body and your nutrition. After that, you have the confidence and energy to tackle many more obstacles and become a happier and more fulfilled person in general.
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14 Reviews
  • Sarah-Jayne D. Apr 27, 2016
    I saw Ergi for 3 months 3 times a week and although it was a large financial investment it was most definitely worth it. Ergi was fun, understanding, very flexible about moving schedules, punctual and consistent. He is very easy going and made me train hard in each session tailored to my fitness level, and more importantly in the right way using the correct technique. I looked forward to my training sessions even when I was tired, and will miss the sessions. I have used trainers before and been 'commanded' military style - that is not Ergi's style but he gets results and is very personable. Of course you have to commit yourself too and eat clean and do sessions by yourself. Even when I was away with work or on vacation if there was a gym I could use Ergi would send me a workout which was great and I could continue improving. If you are ready to make a positive step to improving your health, fitness and feeling and looking better I really cannot recommend anyone better. My results from start to finish are several inches lost all over, clothes down by 2 to 3 sizes, over 25% body fat reduction and over 31 pounds lost. Those results speak for themselves.
  • Ace B. Sep 30, 2015
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
  • Nick C. Aug 19, 2015
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    Awesome trainer! Very patient and professional. He made me feel very motivated to workout by teaching me the science behind each workout, he's very knowledgable. Great workout techniques! The techniques Ergi taught me are very useful for working out on my own. He's a great trainer for people in any workout stage.
  • Hind A. May 29, 2015
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    I had a surgery in my shoulder 2 months ago and now I'm back to working out, Ergi is very flexible in working out and very helpful, can't wait to see the results!
  • Jon-Luc B. May 12, 2015
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    Having multiple personal trainers in the past, Ergi is by far the best. Ergi is professional, punctual, dedicated, and motivating. I have been training with him for six months and in that time he has helped me achieve my weight gain and muscle mass goals. Besides his great workout regiments he also gives you a nutrition guide based on your body goals. My body has significantly improved and is at its best it's ever been - thanks to him. He is the type of personal trainer that you don't want to let down and makes you stay on track. I look forward to continue training with him. Thank you, Ergi!!
  • Isabella P. Feb 12, 2015
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
  • Alison Z. Nov 1, 2014
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    Ergi is the first trainer i have. I have already been training with Ergi for more than 2 months. The methods he uses is really gonna change your body. I came to him with really weak strength exercise and he helped me with weight control and strength. And he also gives you nutrition support. I highly recommend Ergi as personal trainer. i am pretty sure he is going to be my trainer for a very long time.
  • Steven L. Jul 14, 2014
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    Ergi is an excellent personal trainer. He's been working with me for a month now and I can see real results already. Ergi has helped me get over the novice weight lifter's ego of lifting too much weight, he's corrected my form, and he's provided very helpful and attainable nutrition guidance without micromanaging what I eat. I sought out a personal trainer after hitting a plateau after working out on my own for the better part of a year. I'm so glad I found Ergi! If you're looking for a patient, encouraging, knowledgable, and accommodating trainer, look no further.
  • Moussa A. May 8, 2014
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    I have been working out with Ergi now for almost a month and a half. I am very happy with the results I'm seeing so far. He is very knowledgable and friendly. His workouts are challenging, motivating, and personalized, exactly what I was looking for. He is always very punctual and professional. He is a great and outstanding personal trainer!
  • Justin K. Apr 2, 2014
    Ergi and I have worked together for six months and I've seen a huge transformation in my body. He's pushed me to become the best version of myself and you would be lucky to have him train you! He's also very personable and easy to talk to! Trust me, he's worth it!
  • RU Q. Apr 2, 2014
    Ergi Shehu is an exceptional Personal Trainer. He's been my PT for 3 years. He has extensive years of experience and knowledge, which in turn benefits his clients (me) in achieving results. He has a stern but professional demeanor. He motivates me by giving me new workout challenges each time he trains me. Best of all, his training regime is never boring as he not only consistently provides the best workout but also incorporates advise on healthy eating habits. Overall, for the above reasons, he is the BEST!
  • Helen K. Mar 19, 2014
    Ergi is not your typical trainer. He motivates you in such an encouraging and positive way. There is never any judgement or guilt trips to get you into the gym. He reiterates the importance of a healthy nutrition plan and reminds you of your progress often. You know that teacher you had that really motivated you in high school? The one you actually did homework for because you didn't want to let them down? Ergi reminds me of one of those teachers. Except instead of great grades you get great glutes. Believe me when I say that fitness isn't my forte I have a long way to go but with a trainer as patient and motivating as Ergi I have no doubt I will reach my goal. Seeing results is the BEST feeling but having such a great support system is second to none.
  • Amanda P. Mar 11, 2014
    Ergi helped me lose 20 lbs in a 6 month period. He's a very dedicated and knowledgable trainer. He has the patience to listen to your needs and always pushes you to do a little more. I learned what worked specifically for my body and how to keep my weight off. He helped me overcome my fear of the gym and really pushed me to reach my potential. He was very patient and dedicated to help reach my goal weight that I thought was impossible to do with just working out. More than that though, Ergi helped me change my life around. I live a healthier, more active and happier life.
  • Alejandra B. Mar 11, 2014
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    Ergi is an amazing personal trainer. He is extremely professional and makes sure you stay on track with your program. He was there to motivate me every time i was ready to give up, and most importantly i saw results week after week. He has an 8 week program that is guaranteed to change the way your body looks, and by the second week I knew he was the best. He is down to business and has no time to fool around and really pushes me to my limits, to the next level of performance. I really recommend Ergi to anyone in the NYC area, plus his prices are really reasonable!!


How did you get started doing this type of work?
Before becoming a personal trainer I used to focus on just getting bulkier. I spent hours at the gym lifting weights and I did not focus on my nutrition. Although I looked big and muscular, I didn't feel great so I decided to learn more on how to be in great shape and changed my whole life around to be lean and healthy. This is the same philosophy that I try to convey to my clients, the holistic approach.
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
Just recently, one of my clients from thumbtack who was already in good shape, wanted to gain weight but only muscle weight. Now this is particularly difficult and usually takes a long time and dedication. In 6 weeks, my client gained 13lbs of LEAN muscle and decrease its fat percentage to 10%. My whole day was complete and I felt fulfilled. With my clients dedication and my knowledge we were able to achieve one of his main goals, and there isn't a better feeling in the world than knowing you helped someone get there.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
I've learned through my years of experience as a personal trainer that being fit is a lifestyle. I realize that the gym is often a frustrating and confusing place. A lot of people get memberships and don't go because they don't exactly know what to do when they get there and loose motivation after only walking on a treadmill for 40 minutes and see no results. I can help you learn what works best for your body, reach your potential and how get in the best shape of your life.