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hired 19 times on Thumbtack

How does your service stand out?

My work stands out from others because I'm not concerned with what the latest trends/fads are. The most important factor in my work is empowering my clients to live their best lives by making sure their wardrobe and interiors reflect what makes them fabulous!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

The change in my clients posture after a session with me! My favorite quotes are;
"I never knew I had so much style!"
"I never thought I could pull that off!"
"Wow! I didn't realize I could feel so sexy at 85!"
"I would have never thought to put that together!"
"I never knew stepping out of the box could be so empowering!"
" My head feels so much clearer, and I feel so empowered in my space now!"


New York, NY 10113

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  • 5/5 stars

    I never imagined that I needed a personal fashion consultant until I met Blane Charles! And I am so delighted that I hired him. After a careful review of my entire wardrobe, we edited it down to a perfectly balanced wardrobe! I am so happy... from drab to fab! Blane is outstanding, sensitive and wonderful. Take the plunge, indulge yourself and feel free! Opening the closet is a joy! I have so much more to wear with less clothing, because it was carefully edited with Blane's professional eye.
    Thank you so much. I gave all my unwanted clothing to Good Will! June 2015

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 22, 2015:

    Barbara it gives me immense Joy to receive your testimonial which is a tribute to our greatness!

    You were ready to let go and that's very important to the success of my work. Thank you for letting me into your sanctuary/bedroom to turn "DRAB INTO FAB!" and bring out the new & improved Barbara! It's all in YOU and here for YOU always!

  • 5/5 stars

    "I cannot recommend Blane Charles enough!
    He is a joy to work with making what can sometimes feel daunting or a chore easy and Easeful.
    I was introduced to Blane years ago and hired him to work on a large scale project. The project went so smoothly, Blane was such a delight to work with that and in the end we became friends. When a second project came up almost as large as the first and I needed a warrior to come and help me out, I called Blane immediately and without hesitation. Working with Blane on this new project proved even more Fun! I love Blanes ideas, organizational skills and sheer determination to get a job done in an efficient and timely manner and with flawless results. Blane has a great ability to decipher his clients vision and to align himself with that vision and mirror it back to the client often to a better result than even the client had anticipated.
    Blane is a gem, a secret weapon and a lucky charm rolled into one. I feel fortunate to know him now as a friend and i am grateful for his skill and expertise in my business."

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 22, 2015:

    "Helena you have always believed in me from the beginning when I launched BEAU-T BY BLANE in 2009! And it's a sheer delight working with you, and your wonderful family! Looking forward to many golden and prosperous moments together!"

  • 5/5 stars

    I have a closet absolutely stuffed with nice clothes yet I'd open it and think 'I have nothing to wear.' Combining a warmth and professionalism (not so easy to do), Blane helped me figure out what works and what doesn't. We found new ways to combine what I have already, and we have a very short shopping list of pieces that will complete the wardrobe. Most important, Blane made me feel stylish and chic again!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 22, 2015:

    "Monica you have a fabulous sense of style and it was a pleasure helping you reconnect to your fabulosity! It's been truly and honor and pleasure helping you and your beautiful daughter! Here for you both filled with gratitude!"

  • 5/5 stars

    Blane worked on geting my friend up and running while I was there. He is so professional and focused. They were able to decide what no longer worked, what to keep, what to alter and purchases to be made for filling in the gaps in her wardrobe. Wonderful day!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 22, 2015:

    "Thank you Charlene for bringing us together to work on our first dining room, 'Madames Boudoir' for DIFFA! It's such a Joy working with and knowing you both!"

  • 5/5 stars

    Blane Charles is an extremely talented interior designer. Before Blane came on board, PHE at 211 E 13th street was getting modest attention at best. Blane was able to transform the space using what I would consider to be a very limited budget. He was extremely positive the entire time going out and selecting the best furniture possible given the financial constraints. After the furniture arrived and was set up with Blane's direction the apartment was given new life. We had already been on the market 45 days and were looking at another 100+ days to get someone to offer an acceptable price to the owner. Blane even added accents out of his own personal collection to spice the place up even more! After staging we received offers within 30 days and had a signed contract within 45 days! It is with great pleasure that I recommend Blane Charles without reservation.

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 22, 2015:

    "Thank you Gil for giving me the opportunity to use my keen eye to enhance and help sell this complex space. It was a delight working with you for Douglas Elliman. And as you know, I'm always up for a good challenge!"

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review

    Blane came out to NJ, even during a snow storm to help me edit my closet, the time flew and before I knew it my closet was organized with only the clothes left that worked for me, he was an absolute pleasure and made the experience fun!! As we went through he had me make a list of things he thought I need to comete my wardrobe...which is a huge help!!!! Thank you Blane!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    Kristin as you can see, I'm very committed to my work and to fulfilling my mission to help my clients always look and feel their BEST! It was truly a pleasure working with you and please don't hesitate to call/text my Fashion Crisis Hotline whenever you need me, 917.640.1962

  • 4/5 stars

    Gave my beau the gift of wardrobe consultation wrapped up in two sessions with Blane.

    Blane patiently coached him through color coordinating and ultimately parting with three bins full of items that were donated to the United Veterans clothing drive. Blane's expertise has helped my beau to maintain his closet well organized (an ambitious project!)

    The de-cluttering continues to bring lots of positive vibrations into our humble abode... Thanks, Blane!


    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love and the bonus of helping your beau launch his new business! Looking forward to your update!"

  • 4/5 stars

    Had the pleasure of working with Blane Charles, back in the fall of 2014, on two projects... Organizing clothing & assisting with a small start up business ( which included a business card design / website design). Mr. Charles was instrumental in my process. He is very organized, very immigative and open to suggestions.. My only mild issue was that Mr. Charles was tarde on two occasions. Otherwise , he was a joy

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "It was a pleasure working with you Chris, and having the lucky pleasure of sampling your gourmet delights after each session was icing on my cake! Looking forward to your update!" Much Gratitude, BC

  • 5/5 stars

    It was a pleasure to work with Blane as he organized my daughter's summer and winter wardrobe. He is knowledgeable and effective in the field of style and arrangement. He encouraged my daughter to use color and combinations in a way she never thought of. He is professional and full of points and hints for clothing style and furniture arrangement. We also managed to have a good time shopping for additives for her closets after the wardrobe edit.

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "What a Blast we had! I'm still bragging about you! It's always a breeze working with someone who already has impeccable taste such as you! I look forward to working with you again at the stage in your life when you will require my services!" Much Gratitude, BC

  • 5/5 stars

    Who knew that going through your closets, cupboards, and drawers could be so much fun and more importantly so beneficial to your quality of Life. I cannot say enough about his proficiency in organizing your living space and the enjoyable way he goes about it. Your living space will feel more spacious leaving more space for your Life!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "Sarita you're a design consultants dream client and I thank you for your loyalty and unending support! From packing your suitcase for China to our seasonal wardrobe edits and apartment updates you keep me in my element doing what I love to do, bring simplicity, ease and elegance to my client's lives!" Much Gratitude, BC

  • 5/5 stars

    I met with Blane for a wardbrode review in my home. He arrived promptly at our meeting point and joined me on my commute home to New Jersey. We spent 2-3 hours going through my closet. Blane was fantastic! Going though my closet felt like an insurmountable task to me, but he made it fun. He was organized and energetic. He broke the clothes down into manageable sections. He made very useful suggestions on style, cut and color. Blane has a knack for explaining what items of clothing work or don't work in a very sensible and easy to understand way. His experience in the fashion industry really shines through when he makes an assessment. I now know what to stay away from so I won't repeat the same wardrobe mistakes. He reinforced what does work and made me feel great about it! He has an excellent vision and a gentle, but firm delivery of the facts that puts one immediately at ease. Blane organized the clothes we decided to keep in a very neat and easy to maintain system. He even packed up the clothes we decided not to keep and helped me carry them downstairs. His wardrobe services are full-service and top notch! We mad a "to buy" list and plan to go shopping soon. I recommend Blane to anyone who is looking for a wardrobe consultation. I am so glad I gave it a try. My closet is now less cluttered, but it feels like I have so much more to wear!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 22, 2015:

    "Defining Your Style With Personality" was so much FUN with you Betty and you were so ready! It was such interesting to help update your wardrobe and to see the immediate difference in you as the amazing person that you are! It was like watching a Lotus Flower blossom! I'm thrilled that I can be of help with your wardrobe and you beautiful home!"

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review

    I had met Blane years ago when he worked at Barneys.
    He had suggested several pieces of clothing that are still my "go to" classic looks.
    Recently, I decided to try to contact Blane to help me get an outfit together for a gala I had to go to.
    I "found" him through Thumbtack.
    Blane came over to my apartment to look at what I had and what looked good on me and what I could give away.
    On another day we went shopping and found the perfect dress for the gala.
    Blane has a great eye and a terrific, fun personality!
    My experience was excellent and quite productive!
    I look forward to working with him again.

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "I have so much appreciation for loyal clients such as yourself! Thank you for searching and thank you for the honor of enhancing the beauty you already possess. I look forward to continuing our work together and to your next event!" Much Gratitude, BC

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review

    Our experience was excellent. Blane was the perfect fit for what we needed. We just moved into a new house (he traveled up to Westchester) and needed to really go through our clothes (me and my wife). He helped sort through, organize and get rid of an overflow of clothing.

    Initially he came to work with just my wife, but he was so helpful that I had him come back the following day to help me.

    I can't say enough great things about Blane.

    There are many closet organizers and many stylists, but he combines both and brought a calming, comforting and positive attitude...while not wasting any time.

    I would highly recommend Blane to anyone looking for these services.

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "Chris what a wonderful time I had meeting your lovely family and having the opportunity to use my skills to help organize your life! It was such a delight working in your lovely new home, and I look forward to hearing from you for whenever you need my expertise again!" Much Gratitude, BC

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review

    Wow!! I was amazed at how much work we accomplished in just a few hours. I needed help picking out a suit and a new outfit and due to Blane's knowledge at Barney's (he knows everyone) almost a whole new wardrobe at a reasonable price.

    Blane is very knowledgeable and very practical.

    Highly recommended!!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 23, 2015:

    "Thomas I had so much fun working with my great team of professionals at BNY! And I'm thrilled that you are enjoying your new, snazzy wardrobe! Know that I'm here for you whenever you need me!" Much Gratitude, BC

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review


    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on June 3, 2013:

    I was thrilled to arrive with Peonies, not my typical Orchid plant, to find out it was Shirley's favorite flower that she and her son where looking for the day before. I truly believe that the most important aspect of consulting for me is "making the connection." We actually spent the whole day together starting with a wardrobe edit adding more color and fitted silhouettes followed by lunch, a shopping spree, ending with dinner with her son at their favorite mexican restaurant. It doesn't get better than this! LOVIN IT!

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review

    What can I say about Blane. He was insightful and efficient. He saw what I wore and immediately knew what would fit my style as well as improve on it. Blane knew everyone at the stores and where the hidden gems that would fit me would be. On a personal note, Blane is an amazing guy and wonderful to spend time with. I can't recommend him enough.

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on March 1, 2013:

    Larry thank you so much! You totally ROCK! It was such a pleasure working with a True Gentleman! I look forward to working with you and your clients in May, 2013!

  • 5/5 stars Wardrobe Consulting Verified Review

    Having BEAU-T BY BLANE embark on a trip through my boyfriends closet was an overwhelming joy to all of us. Blane went through every single piece of clothing, old and new, and asked critical questions to determine whether a specific item should be part of a my boyfriends wardrobe. Blane was very respectful of our opinions and our emotional feelings pertaining to items that we wanted to let go for a long time, but never had the strength to do so. Blane was very professional in helping us making the best decision. In such way, we have said goodbye to many things, for what we are very grateful. After, being left with pieces that would make it back to the closed, Blane gave us suggestions on what would pair best, and in how many different ways a key piece of clothing could be used. That opened our eyes to new ideas and possibilities that we have never thought of. Afterwards, Blane helped to organize the closet in the most practical way. As a result, the closet now is a place of inspiration where everyday a new outfit can be assembled in an easy and most innovative way.

    Blane not only transformed my boyfriends closet in the matter of hours, but also gave us great pointers on how to make our apartment be a place of delight, enlightened and surprised us on many different levels, and enriched us with beautiful personal gifts. Thank you Blane, this was the best way to end 2012!

    Blane C. from BEAU-T BY BLANE replied to this review on January 13, 2013:

    "At BEAU-T BY BLANE it's all about forming nurturing relationships with our clients and empowering them with tools to live life to the fullest! I'm thrilled to have two new friends, but more importantly, two satisfied clients!" LIFE IS BEAUTY & BEAUTY IS LIFE! BEAU-T BY BLANE

Question and answer

Q. What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

A. Yes, I'm a continuing education student at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Q. Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

A. My services are $225 per hour
If I'm working on a long term project, we agree upon a rate and draw up a contract for that project.
When I work with students, or someone in a lower income bracket, I offer a group rate or two hours for the price of one hour.

Q. How did you get started doing this type of work?

A. While I was traveling abroad as a Dancer and Model, I enjoyed helping my friends during transitional periods in their lives with their wardrobe and interiors, and also for special occasions.
"Starting my own company has allowed me the possibility to extend the fullest service possible to my clients as I work to realize my dreams!"

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. Wardrobe Edits
Interior Transformations
Seasonal Wardrobe Buys
Special Events

Q. Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

A. One of my clients was hesitate to go for her dream of owning her own Boutique. I was very instrumental in helping give her that push she needed by offering help with merchandising, the layout of the shop, and branding the shop.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. -Make sure they are not coming with their own agenda!
-Trust your instincts you are a woman and they are never wrong!
-Ask yourself, "Do I feel like they are just here for the dollars?

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. That I'm very personable, a joy to work with, and come with a roll up my sleeves let's get to work attitude! I'm committed to walking away having you feel like you are on top of the world, because you are!

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